Is The Sunglass Hut Credit Card Worth Getting?

Feb 28, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

Many stores offer store credit cards nowadays. However are these specialized store credit cards really any better than regular credit cards?  Most universal credit cards offer perks and discounts as well. What are the credit card benefits that can make a card unique or worth getting? Let’s take a look at one card, in particular, Sunglass Hut.

You get a discount off of your first purchase

The discount you get with the Sunglass Hut store credit card is 20%. Depending on your viewpoint, this can be a pretty great deal. Unfortunately, the purchase has to be made at the opening location and on the same day and can’t be used with other offers or promotions. You also can’t use your gift card to pay for that item either as it must be charged in full to your newly opened credit card.

You can finance purchases

This is subject to credit approval, of course. However, if your purchase is in store, you can take advantage of no interest for on a six month. If six months is too short there are 24 and 36-month plans available as well, though those do come with interest! A credit card owner reported that the APR was 30%!

The credit card helps with replacing damaged items

You can replace your original damaged sunglasses, at 75% off of the purchase price, but only if they are damaged within the first year of having the glasses. If you want to be eligible you must produce the receipt and the damaged glasses, as well as make the purchase with your Sunglass Hut credit card. Additionally, the discount can be used once per pair of the original damaged glasses. This means if you break the replacement (or break the original pair in year two), oh well. If you purchased sunglasses that are marked as Imperfect, they will not be considered or allowed for use with this program.

Cardholders get exclusive benefits

The card boasts exclusive member benefits, though it does not go into detail. They do include specialized promotions and offers. You will also be informed of all of the latest happenings and product releases, as well as gain the ability to access other retail partners within the store network. The credit card, however, cannot be used at a Sunglass Hut within Macy's.

You can always manage your account online

This is a helpful feature as far as checking for bill pay, and in general, a great option to keep track of finances associated with a store credit card.  Security extends to SMS/text as well. After each purchase, a text will be sent notifying you of the purchase with your card.

They offer customer insurance

This feature is pretty interesting. It is not clear if this is only available in South Africa, as I did not find it on the American site. The insurance can cover death, permanent disability, temporary disability, and job loss up in varying amounts. If you are lacking insurance, this is a pretty great feature in a store card, provided it’s accessible.

Should I apply?

There are a few things to consider before you apply for the Sunglass Hut store credit card. After the 20% off of the initial purchase, will the promotions or deals occur monthly? Do you accrue a point balance on purchases? If you are accident prone, you could very well end up with no glasses or paying full price for a new pair. The initial percent off, 6-month financing interest-free (if you qualify), and ease of access to manage the card are seemingly the best things about it.  However, if you have another credit card with other privileges, points, a lower APR, and online account access, you could also just stick with that. Assess the card and decide for yourself!