Save Time, Headaches and Your Computer with Iolo Products

Jul 06, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

We live in an age of free information, and we want fast access to it. This summer celebrate by getting up to speed by cleaning up those devices you can't live without. All with minimal effort.  The products from iolo are trustworthy, fast, and an amazing deal for top quality software. 

System Mechanic

This is iolo's top product, and for good reason. System Mechanic  will save you both time and money by cleaning up your slow and aging PC. System Mechanic is a safe, secure and speedy cleanup software that will boost your computer’s performance speed and boot time so you won’t need to invest in a buying a new one. What sets System Mechanic aside from alternative software is that your investment also includes an array of valuable tools that serve to improve the protection and performance of your computer. System Mechanic adjusts Windows settings to improve the stability of your hard disk and boost both performance and memory. Apart from providing an optimized PC experience,  the software includes other tools that will increase your security, privacy, and speed.

Auto Memory Manager

So, you have an Android you love, but it's just not working like it used to. There's nothing worse than the debilitating feeling of running out of memory. That helpless feeling you get when you need to download a file, take a picture, or stop your phone from crashing and running at the pace of a snail. The worst thing about it is that your Android is supposed to be fast, reliable, and make life easier. And it can again, all for the price of... free. The Auto Memory Manager is a free app designed by iolo as a shining example of how fantastic their software actually is. This app will help you get rid of pesky background programs that are just weighing you down. The app includes memory manager tools and an automatic task killer to keep you running at top speeds, both online and off.

Search and Recover

Do you remember that night you deleted hours of hard work and innovation? Yeah - you do. Worst. Night. Ever. This incredible piece of lifesaving software (I know, I know, laying it on thick but it's the truth) will bring your darling deleted files back to life. Pick your device and a painful memory of an accidently lost and deleted piece of data - now add Search and Recover. This software can recover your lost data such as precious photos, documents, music, emails, videos, and system files (the kind that once deleted mess your entire computer up). You can even recover entire folders of lost data at a time. It's pretty magical and will save you from the nauseating panic of lost data. As far as the devices you can use it on, this goes beyond your PC. Search and Recover can pull back your missing data from cameras, flash drives, hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and even those old MP3 players that had all your old favorites tunes tucked away.

The reviews that iolo receives tend to be about as enthusiastic as you would expect from software that recovers data and speeds up your life. Their products are solid, safe, and easy to use. And a ridiculously good deal.