Invest in Company Culture to Increase Employee Productivity

Jul 06, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

Investing time, money and attention to your employees, their happiness and needs is a must in today’s work culture. And now more than ever, that extra mile you go for them results in employees putting in the extra mile for your company. A healthy company culture results in more than happy workers but an increase in overall productivity of your business and promotes a healthy work environment that attracts top talent in the marketplace.

Companies that have a strong culture that fosters communication, friendship, support and the “f” word, Fun, often create an environment that allows employees to flourish and grow, which only benefits the company they work for. By decreasing added stress and allowing employees to relax and blow off steam once in a while, you can help promote a strong company culture through one simple thing. Happy Hour. Hosting a weekly company happy hour, or even a “First Friday” happy hour every month can have the many benefits that come along with strong company culture.

wine glasses

Planning some small snacks and bites like chips and dip or cheese, crackers and meats with some cocktails is a great way to break the ice, end the week and relax with coworkers to show you care about their happiness. Buying all the fixings for a successful happy hour, however, can prove difficult. One way to make it easier on your operations or HR manager for planning this shin-dig is ordering through is a customer-funded wine business, with customers adding to their piggy banks each month, they can fund the production of wines through independent winemakers and in return get great deals, 40-60% off retail. This way, customers get a quality wine that they feel good about. As a company, investing $40 a month to get wholesale prices on wine your employees love is worth it when you see your productivity and employee satisfaction go up!

wine glasses cheers

You can order mixed cases, getting red and white and even some sparkling to make everyone in the office happy come that special hour. Chat over a lovely chilled chardonnay or catch up from the week with a nice glass of cab. The mixed box from is a great option to serve everyone unique taste at the company happy hour.

It takes a lot more than some drinks to amp up company culture and productivity but hosting a happy hour is a great place to start.