The Game of Savings: The Best Time to Buy Big-Ticket Items

The Game of Savings: The Best Time to Buy Big-Ticket Items

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamJan 08, 20155 min read

It is a new year, so there is no better time than now to re-invent yourself as a savings savvy individual. Life throws a lot at you, all year round. Do you know what the trends are to buying the big-ticket items that make everyday life possible? Don’t worry we are here to set the record straight and get you winning at the game of savings.


With the holidays over, there is no better time than now to take a little trip for some TLC or to visit that friend or family member that has been bugging you to come check out their new city. Prices surge between Thanksgiving and New Years, giving way to amazing travel deals in January, when the demand is minimal. If you spent too much money this year, keep it in mind when you are planning out your trips for 2016 and consider doing your holiday travel a little late.


With winter well underway, many stores will start prepping their floors to get ready for the new lines being debuted in the spring. Furniture stores specifically will start discounting items that are in stock or taking up space on the floor, leading to big savings for consumers in February.


Black Friday and the Super Bowl, two of the biggest times for TV discounts, are all but a distant memory by March. With the weather getting nicer, you may be starting to spend more time outside than in front of your TV, but this is the month to snag good deals on all your favorite TVs. Following the Consumer Electronics Show, where new technology is introduced for the year, retailers will begin discounting the items they are carrying to make room for the newest models, bringing consumers huge savings.


Summer is so close that you can practically smell the hamburgers wafting off the grill. Before you can host any barbeques though, you need a fridge to hold all of that food. Start looking to buy in April because the new models will be coming out in the summer and stores need to make room. Everyone knows a party is only as good as the food being served, so keep this in mind and start shopping. Hold off on getting the grill for now though; there is a better time of the year for that.


It is obviously good advice to live in the moment, but during May and June you may want to start thinking ahead to winter…even for just a little bit. Shoveling snow is a daunting task for many people and can be dangerous. Use these summer months to shop for an older generation snow blower that will get the job done come wintertime. You don’t need the latest model to get rid of the snow, especially when you are looking to save some money.


Summer is almost over, kids are going back to school, and stores are discounting grills. With a good two months left of prime grilling weather, don’t miss out on shopping for a new grill in July.  After July 4th, the demand isn’t as strong, so stores will start lowering their prices to make room for their fall inventory, giving consumers great price opportunities. So if you couldn’t entertain in the beginning of the summer, go out with a bang.


The first of two times during the year to get great prices on cars is in August. Dealerships will start getting in new model releases in September, so they will want to move the old inventory fast. This gives you great mobility on getting even better deals on already low prices because they will want the lot clear for the new cars coming in.


You have already been able to take care of your refrigerator, so now it is time to finish off the rest of your house. Major appliances like washers, dryers, and dishwashers will drop in price in the early fall in preparation for the newer models. There is no better time than now to update the house and get it ready for the holiday season!


Home to one of our favorite days of the year, November is a perfect time to get amazing deals on the basic models of your favorite TVs. Black Friday brings deep discounts on electronics, TVs being one of the more popular items being sought out. Although the prices are extremely low, the TVs are also typically base models. If you want the highest quality and latest features, wait until Super Bowl season or March to get big discounts on those types of models.


Everyone knows that the holiday season is the most expensive time of the year to fly. Much like doing a late holiday trip after the New Year, also consider traveling in between Thanksgiving and Christmas since a majority of people stay home during this time. The prices are significantly lower, so if you want to see family or friends but can’t go during peak weeks, travel between the two major holidays.


With the year coming to an end, December is a fantastic time to purchase not only a car but also a house. For cars, dealerships are looking to meet their end of year quotas; prices are dropped so that they can sell more cars. Although the weather may not be ideal to go car shopping, you will save major bucks this time of year. December is also notorious for having the lowest home prices and buyer volume. Use this to your advantage and start visiting open houses. If you are really looking to get the best deal, Christmas Day is the day to buy.

We have walked you through the best times of the year to buy those big-ticket items that life demands, so now use these tips to win at the savings game! If you plan ahead and shop smartly, you can stay on budget for all your major purchases, hopefully leaving you a little extra something at the end of the year.