Increase Your Home Value with These 7 Remodeling Tips

Increase Your Home Value with These 7 Remodeling Tips

Katherine Stano

Katherine StanoJan 16, 20185 min read

It is always a good idea to steadily nurture your investment with upgrades that will increase your home value. Home remodels, additions and quick fixes can add to the overall curb appeal and worth, but those home improvements add up quick—lightning quick—so it’s important to have a plan that’s creative, feasible, and economical. We’ve compiled a few remodeling ideas that won’t leave you with financial regret and can add value to your home.

1. Let’s Hear It for Hardware!

Have your doorknobs seen better days, perhaps better 1980s’ days? Do your cabinet pulls look ridiculously retro, but not in a cool way? How about those hinges? Are the rusted, corroded finishes suddenly looking not-so-chic? Then it might be time for new hardware! Adding fresh, updated handles pulls, and door hinges will automatically transform the look of your home and put a skip in your step. There are so many pretty metals out there, too. From oil-rubbed bronze to muted golds, you can have a blast picking out your favorite style. Compare prices and peek at Pinterest for some clever options. Switching out cabinetry pulls is usually quite easy, too. You’ll save money on installation and watch your home value get a bit shinier.

2. The Kitchen Additions

It’s a well-known fact that updating the kitchen can really boost your home’s value, along with your happiness levels. While it’s tempting to do an entire overhaul, it’s also frightening how expensive a huge gut job can be. Don’t jump into a demolition debacle just yet! You may be able to get that fancy kitchen for a not-so-fancy price.

If your cabinets are in decent shape, a fresh coat of paint can surprisingly transform the whole space. Try a modern gray or a deep blue to add some high-style and elegance. You can even paint the top cupboards a different color than the lower cabinets. Variety! A white/gray combo is always beautiful. When you’re done, add that haute hardware. Then watch HGTV come a-knockin’ at your door. Because, you, dear, are SO on-trend.

Now, if painting the old cabinets isn’t an option, installing brand new doors is another way to go. By removing the old, cruddy cabinetry facing, you can go with airy looks like glass doors, or even some open shelving.

Still not enough? What about a new tile backsplash? A backsplash dresses up everything! From subway tiles to classic herringbone designs, there are so many great patterns out there…and one especially made for you!

3. A Little Love for The Loo!

Another big way to improve your home value is upgrading the bathroom(s). There are many ways to freshen up that powder room, but we have one that will go far on the value scale.

Does your shower curtain look like it’s about to walk away? Is it the same color as when you bought it? (Of course, it isn’t.) Do you huddle in the corner of your tub, agonizing that it might flutter over and cling to your skin?

It’s time for a shower door.

A clear glass door does so much for your bathroom. It’s easy to clean, especially if you wipe it down every day. It not only opens the standing space in your shower, but it also gives the illusion of a more spacious bath by adding in more light. It also frees you from having to change out that cumbersome curtain every time you turn around. Shower doors just make your home more a-door-able! 

4. Ah, The Accent Wall!

Another form of interior design trickery is the accent wall. Painting a wall that serves as a natural focal point adds charm and personality. Try some modern neutrals or a pastel color that draws the eye.

Another accent wall idea is a reclaimed wood or shiplap look. You can find peel-and-stick pieces that are gorgeous statement-makers. Even Joanna Gaines will be impressed!

And if you’ve always loved wallpaper, but it scares you, too, why not try the removable kind? There are some stunning, contemporary brands out there that offer the same peel-and-stick approach. So many fanciful florals and graphic patterns await!

5. The Blinds Side!

Many of us have those flimsy, dented, and discolored blinds that get stuck and lift up on one side. They’re a real pain! Try upgrading your window treatments to sturdier faux wood blinds, bamboo shades, or stylish plantation shutters. Windows can make it or break it when it comes to sprucing up your home. Quality window coverings not only pretty up the place, but help insulate your home and curb energy costs.

6. Dishwashers, Refrigerators, And Laundry Machines, Oh My!

Ugly appliances are distracting, old and not as efficient, and tend to date our homes, even if we’re very trendy people. Investing in a new fridge or dishwasher will do wonders for your home’s aesthetic and your busy lifestyle. Since these are major purchases, check consumer reports ratings and any online reviews you can find. Usually staying in a moderate price range is a nice strategy, a compromise between “totally basic” and “all the bells and whistles.” Go with a reputable company, too. And don’t forget that many dealers will have no-interest financing for a year. That can help keep you on a budget!

7. Switching It Up with Lighting!

The right lighting is essential to making you feel at peace in your abode…and a peaceful home is a valuable home. Adding a glam chandelier or edgy light fixture is practical and style-savvy. Replace that haggard ceiling fan with a twinkling lantern piece, or do some pendant lighting in the dining room.

Recessed lighting is always a major upgrade you can add to your home and while it can be a financial investment it will show in your appraisal. But remember, for this upgrade, you might need a licensed electrician. Just an extra cost for extra pay off!

This is just a tiny list of all the things you can do to remodel and improve your investment. What ideas do you have? Don’t be shy…let us know! 

Have fun with those upgrades, and try not to stress! Little by little, you’ll make your residence an oasis you’re proud to call home.