Implementing Recycled Resolutions in 2014

Dec 27, 2013Reading Time: 6 min

The New Year will soon be knocking on our front door, and with the celebration just around the corner it is time to get those resolutions in order. With each passing year there are always those one or two resolutions that continue to make the top of our list, but once the New Year starts they are quickly forgotten.

I am no stranger when it comes to having recurring New Year’s resolutions and one of my resolutions this year is to actually implement all my constantly recycled resolutions in 2014. I’m here to help you put your straggling resolutions into action as well. If one of these five common New Year’s resolutions is popping up on your list year after year, here are some ways to actually implement them smoothly into your life and look back on 2014 feeling accomplished.

Losing Weight

This resolution never fails to be at the top of my list every year. Maybe it’s to make myself feel better about indulging (or over-indulging) in all of the holiday feasts. The most important thing to remember is when January first hits, you should take small steps toward your weight loss goal. Starting off small can lead to a large success at the end of the year. Making small changes to your diet or exercise routines and then building overtime will make it an easier process and will not end up overwhelming you. When you take on too much at once you will end up pushing this resolution to the side once again.

Companies like Weight Watchers Online, 24 Hour Fitness and Beach Body offer great deals at the start of the New Year because they know this is one of the top resolutions. Whether you want to follow a diet plan, exercise more, eat healthy, go to the gym more, or anything else that falls under the category of “losing weight,” they’ll be providing deals to make it possible. All programs are designed to work with your hectic day-to-day life, leaving nothing to stop you from living the healthier life you want to lead in 2014.

Saving Money

When the end of the year rolls around we take a look back at our spending and always make a note that we want to spend less and save more in the New Year. Saving money is not only a constant New Year’s resolution on the top of everyone’s list, but when implemented it can become someone’s way of life. 

There are many ways that money can be saved and most are very simple. Go into 2014 with the plan of just saving all of your coins for a year; that change can really add up to leave you with a nice full jar at the end of the year. Hundreds can be made using your unused coins. Also, saving money does not mean you have to cut out indulgence. A little discount goes a long way. Here at, thousands of your favorite stores are offering savings all year round.

Here is a fun way to save: look at the original price of how much you are willing to spend on an item and then look at how much you save with coupons and deals offered by your favorite retailers; put the difference into a savings account and see how much of a savvy saver you have been by the end of the year.

Learning Something New

Let’s face it—each year we think ourselves boring and always want to spice up life by learning something new. We want to finally learn to speak a second language, try that bartending class, and take a cooking class. Companies like Living Social and Groupon have always been excellent in providing amazing deals for anything and everything around any one city or even cheap destinations to an exotic location. There are always great class offerings that save you a bundle and this way you can have enough money in your New Year’s budget to try more than one new thing. If you don’t happen to like what you learned, you can at least be happy with the fact that you saved a bunch of money and can try to learn something else.

Spending More Time with Family

More family time is another resolution that tops most peoples’ lists. Sadly, this is pushed aside when life continues to chug on and we have to continue on with our responsibilities at work, school or otherwise. Don’t let a hectic life be the reason for cutting back on family time because these are moments you will never get back.

Try planning a family night every week, every other week, or even once a month. Make dinners together, play board games, or find a new movie or TV series to get lost in on Netflix. Little nightly activities can be easy additions to achieve spending more time with family.

Plan a family vacation in 2014. Family trips do not have to be expensive; take a little road trip, a small weekend trip, and find family vacation packages that offer everything in one for an affordable price.  Making more time for family can be simple, all you have to do is start small and the family time will continue to increase throughout the year.


Because many want to spend less and save more in the New Year, their plan of traveling to new places quickly goes out the window. Traveling doesn’t have to be to some far away exotic land; it could just be visiting a new place, and that place doesn’t have to be far. Plan short little jaunts to a different part of your state, visit a national park, go to a beach or a lake and pick up a post card from every new place you see. 

Before long the travel bug will set in and little trips could turn into plans for bigger trips farther away. A big trip does not have to break the bank either. Southwest Airlines always offers great promotions and sites like always help their customers find the best deals. Travel for less in 2014 whether you take on a small journey or a big one.

While all these are helpful tips for implementing your New Year’s resolutions, the main key to implementing all five of these New Year’s resolutions is to start off slowly. Do not bring on more than you can handle. Starting slowly and minimally and then gradually adding on will help you maintain these resolutions throughout the year and beyond.