How You Can Save More than Just Money This Earth Day

How You Can Save More than Just Money This Earth Day

Heather Gautschi

Heather GautschiApr 20, 20182 min read

This Sunday is Earth Day, and if you’re looking to do your part to save not only your pennies but also the planet, we’ve got some great tips for you, courtesy of our friends at the Arbor Day Foundation.


Purchases you make through the Arbor Day Foundation go a long way in giving back to planet, by helping to support important tree planting efforts around the world.

Gift Trees

Perfect for any special occasion, from promotions to fundraisers. Trees purchased through the Arbor Day Foundation are hardy evergreen seedlings that are just $4 each and hold up well for shipping. You’ll have your choice of spruce or pine, based on which variety will best thrive in your area.


Go Green for Your Wedding

Gift Trees make for truly unique, enduring wedding favors. Your guests will remember your special day for years to come, and you’ll have the added bonus of making the world just a little bit greener. Have fun with customizing the labels with your own message, graphics or photo image. Trees can be easily planted indoors, and traveling guests can conveniently carry them onboard their flights.

For another fun nuptials twist, opt for the trees as wedding displays and forgo the more traditional flowers. Guests will be delighted with your ingenuity, and you’ll be doing your part for the planet to boot.


Smart, Sustainable Fundraising

Arbor Day Foundation Trees make for lovely, unique fundraising gifts. Community organizations and school fundraisers are ideal for gift trees, truly embodying giving back, growth, and cultivating a positive impact on the community and the planet.


Corporate Promotions

Whether you’re focusing on customer appreciation, launching a grand opening, or showing your employees how much you value them, you can’t go wrong with gift trees from the Arbor Day Foundation. At just $4 each, the savings are real – financially and environmentally.

Trees in Memory

Honor your loved ones with a tree planted in their name. Simply make your donation, and your tree in remembrance will be planted in one of the nation’s forests. This timeless gift will go a long way in bettering the planet while doing little damage to your wallet.

Not Just Trees: Love Coffee?

If you’ve got coffee lovers in your life, the Arbor Day Foundation makes it easy to get your caffeine fix while still doing your part for the Earth. This rain-forest-saving Arbor Day Foundation coffee is freshly roasted and immediately shipped upon order, starting at just $14.99.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!