How You Can Fulfill Your New Year's Resolution

Dec 11, 2017Reading Time: 4 min

With each New Year comes the need and the urge to refresh, renew, and to create new opportunities. Most people go about by making various resolutions to help start them off and to further motivate them for the bright-looking twelve months ahead.

Instead -- or perhaps in addition -- to more time spent at the gym or with the kids, why not start the year off right by learning a new language with Rosetta Stone? As the world’s leading language instruction software provider, it’s been aimed to help users sharpen their skills as both a reader and a writer of foreign languages by offering all the tools needed to succeed in becoming fully fluent.

Along with the extra savings, you can get with Rosetta Stone coupon codes, the site itself is allowing for a season of savings with 24-month subscriptions starting at less than seven bucks! Choose from French or Chinese, Hebrew to Dari or Pashto. Not only increase your knowledge of complex grammar and vocabulary, but also open tons of doors to achieving other essential goals in life such as advancing your career, enhancing on travel experiences, or simply just improving as an all-around human being—all while having fun.

Renowned Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini once said that “a different language is a different vision of life.” Arming yourself with languages from far and wide will broaden your perception of culture, history, and people, as well as provide a lifelong appreciation of all the above.

To help get you started, here are some of the best strategies to use while immersing in a program used by millions of people in over 150 countries worldwide to keep up and going with your New Year’s Resolutions.

It’s a New Year. Learn a new language!

Choose something meaningful, something close to the heart.

Boldness, courage, willpower, and resolve come way more easily if, and when, it’s targeted in the right direction and on something immensely specific or personal. Instead of opting for a dozen different goals to work towards, why not pick or choose just a few select ones to aim towards—ones that are substantially meaningful especially to you and that you will most likely want to finish out? Having something to do that matters always helps a person stay more in check and on task.

Never give up, ever—even with breaks or setbacks during the transitional period.

Let’s face it, we all have setbacks, life is all too full of them. Don’t dare give up even after one failure or breakage in that resolution (or resolutions!) during any sort of transitional period. When you do happen to have a setback, just be sure to stop to think about what prompted that to happen, why you may have slipped, and to get right back on the horse.

Be realistic, be open, and be flexible.

Nobody changes in an instant and everyone needs time to process and to change. Be nice and be fair to your new and improve self by allowing all those new habits to easily incorporate slowly into your lifestyle. Change doesn’t happen instantly—it’s a process

Get a buddy, have some fun.

Get someone that’s not a family member such as a good friend or nice co-worker who can provide additional support when the going gets super-duper tough. Having a buddy always makes things easier which is a motivating factor in itself.

Make it a family affair.

Coming together as a family and aiming for a goal as one team allows family members not only the chance to support one another in keeping any resolution but also to gain quality together time together in the process.

Let’s say the entire fam bam resolves to brush up on the language of pure sweet love before that summer getaway to France—whip up some fun prepping and baking a piping hot and super savory soufflé and while speaking the new language with the help of Rosetta Stone.