How You Can Capture The Memories This Holiday Season

How You Can Capture The Memories This Holiday Season

Shannon Hanrahan

Shannon HanrahanDec 14, 20173 min read

The holidays are fast-moving and full of valuable memories. From first-timers to last-times and everything in between, it’s a time of the year that you want to capture every moment. BorrowLenses is here to make sure you can get that done, even if you don’t professional equipment of your own. Whether you are gathering with friends and family or taking a much-needed vacation over the holiday break, we have a few unique ways that you can capture your memories this holiday season.


Digital Photo Journal

You’re probably attached at the hip to your smartphone, but there are other options to take amazing photos throughout the holiday season. A classic DSLR camera will help you freeze those picture perfect memories in time and leave you with professional style photos that are perfect to display around the house. If you’re feeling more retro, pick up a Polaroid camera and start snapping photos. Using all three cameras will give you the flexibility to take pictures whenever and however you want!


Make a Video

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but that only means a video is worth more! In the age of boomerangs, it might seem foreign to go back to the basics of longer videos. That’s what makes videos even more special though. Rent a GoPro and have it recording every second of your holiday season. In the end, you can collect all of your footage and put it together on one 2017 holiday reel. You can relive every happy, sad, and awkward moment for years to come! For an even cooler experience, pass the camera around to different people and see experiences from other’s point of views.


Write A Daily Journal Diary with Photos

Another unique way to capture memories this holiday is to keep a daily journal and have photographs to go with every entry. While having pictures is an amazing way to remember the day, writing everything down makes sure that you don’t forget a single detail. A point and shoot digital camera and make it easy to take pictures wherever you go! Years later you’ll be able to remember exactly what you did and how you were feeling.


Having digital copies of photos gives you great flexibility on how to want to use and share them with your loved one. But for a little more, why not go with something a little more permanent? Putting together a holiday photo book once the season is over is a great way to memorialize all of your events and memories. Having a professional book printed is a great gift and makes the perfect coffee table accessory.

Capturing the memories this year makes meaningful gifts for yourself and your loved ones for years to come! Plus, you might even find a new passion while you’re recording your holiday activities. The best part about these unique ways capture the memories this holiday is that currently has a coupon to Rent 7+ Days, Get 7 Extra Days Free from BorrowLenses so you can have professional equipment of your own. Checkout on any 7+ day order picked up / delivered by 12/21 and automatically receive 7 extra days for free with coupon code RENT7GET7. The holiday season goes by quickly, so just do your best to remember everything while also living in the moment. Happy holidays!