How to Up Your Jack-O-Lantern Game

Oct 30, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

Halloween is fast approaching and that means that it's time to put up our favorite Halloween decor - spooky skeletons, terrifying tombstones, and of course: Jack-O-Lanterns! Our favorite part of the fall season, by far, is carving pumpkins. This creepy past time originates in Ireland and was thought to ward off evil spirits of Halloween night. But if you're bored of the usual carving options, we've gathered some unique ideas for the spooky season:


Go for Gross

Photo Credit: Flickr

Instead of throwing out the gooey insides of your Jack-O-Lantern, you can set them aside and use them to create a gut-churning masterpiece. Simply carve your pumpkin with an expression to make it look as though it is puking. Next, strategically place the gooey insides to make it look as though the pumpkin has lost its lunch. While this design has definitely been done before, you can use your creativity to give this design a more personal touch.

Pumpkin Creatures

Think Outside the Pumpkin

Photo Credit: inhabitots

We know that it's technically called "pumpkin carving" but that might limit your pumpkin-based creations. Instead of carving into your pumpkin to create a face, why not add elements on top of your pumpkin to make a spooky design that truly pops? Simply cut up pumpkin slices to create a ton of different spooky, unique creatures.

Jurassic Park Theme

Give 'em a Theme

Photo Credit: The 350 Degree Oven

Even if you don't have pristine pumpkin-carving skills, you can still create some awesome designs with a consistent theme. If you need some inspiration, remember that you can never go wrong with a pop culture reference. So grab your friends and pick out your favorite television show/movie franchise and start celebrating the season.

Repeating Patterns

Repeating Patterns

Photo Credit: Brit + Co

Are you over the usual Jack-O-Lantern faces that seem to be everywhere these days? You can spring for a simple, repetitive design that creates a pattern that is all its own. One example that we love is this design of a simple cat silhouette that repeats over and over again.

Pineapple Jack-O-Lantern

Spring for a Pineapple

Photo Credit: Ripley's

This might sound ridiculous to some, but pineapples are a great alternative when it comes to a spooky carving. This Halloween-time craft is perfect for those who are looking for an additional challenge and want to spice up their usual decor with their own flair. If you're searching for a full tutorial on how to create these sweet, pineapple Jack-O-Lanterns, be sure to check out this helpful guide!

Jack-O-Lantern Stencil

Grab a Stencil

Don't be afraid to grab a stencil if you're looking to create a design that is a bit more challenging. By tracing your ideas and outlining them first, you can ensure that there isn't a disaster down the line. There are hundreds of free stencils available online and you can easily combine two or more to create a design that is entirely your own. Or you could indulge your creative side and create your own stencil online!

Pumpkin Puns


Photo Credit: Pun-kins

If you don't want to get your hands dirty with all of that laborious pumpkin carving, you can always add a sassy flair with some simple, bolded text that features some playful puns. You can opt for charming, spooky sayings such as "Here for the boos", "Happy Hollow-een", "Creep it real", "Resting Witch Face", or "Life is gourd".

Cosmic Pumpkins

Cosmic Pumpkins

Photo Credit: Dream

Another beautiful alternative to carving pumpkins is to turn them into cosmic masterpieces! This option can also save you money on all of those pricey pumpkin carving tools. Instead, simply stop by your favorite art supply store and pick up brushes, paints, and sponges. To create this galaxy, first paint the pumpkin entirely black, then use a foam sponge brush to gently tap blue, purple, and pink paint to create a beautiful swirling galaxy. If you want to avoid paying for expensive painting products, we've found that nail polish is a great alternative to making your cosmic pumpkin.