How to Throw a Wine and Cheese Night Without Leaving Your Home

How to Throw a Wine and Cheese Night Without Leaving Your Home

Jennifer Carno

Jennifer CarnoMay 09, 20184 min read

Have you been thinking it’s high time you threw a party? Why not host a wine and cheese night! Invite some friends over to enjoy yummy food and drink wine without leaving the comfort of your own home. If you’ve been putting it off because you dread going to the store, then why not order everything online? Check out our suggested vendors and their delivery options! Their clear shipping details, when applicable, will make it easy to plan a wine and cheese night with minimal effort.


Win with Wine can fulfill all your wine needs. Have a look through their site for great deals and information on ratings. Keep in mind that a standard bottle of wine will fill four glasses. Assume most of your friends will have at least two glasses when ordering your amount of bottles. You definitely don’t want to run out of wine on your wine and cheese night. Make sure you buy both red and white wines, and grab a promo code to save even more money! Check out this collection of 12 wines (six reds and six whites) for an easy ready-to-go option. If you have a local Vons nearby, you can take advantage of their fantastic prices and delivery options. Plus, they’re a one-stop-shop if you want all of your items to come from one delivery.


Choose your Cheese

Do you want to step your cheese game up to the next level? Order some cheese online that you can’t find just anywhere! Surfing Goat Dairy is an amazing goat dairy farm located in Maui, Hawaii. They have many award-winning goat cheeses made with love. While goat cheese is very creamy and delicious, it actually has less calories than regular cow dairy cheese. Their chevres called “Garden Fantasia” and “Ivory Coast” are extremely popular and flavorful. And to round out the cheese selection, why not order some cow’s milk cheese from Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont. They make some of the highest quality American cheeses around. If you like a nice south, creamy, stinky cheese, check out their cheese called “Harbison.” We also recommend their blue cheese pork sausages for an extra treat! Spend $65 + and get free shipping that would normally run you an extra $20. If you live in or around Los Angeles, CA, check out Blöde Kuh for the absolute best vegan/plant-based cheeses you’ve ever had. Your vegan and omnivore friends will both love it. While Blöde Kuh do not currently deliver, a drive to one of their farmers’ market locations or a store that carries them is worth it.


Snacks & Sides

One cannot live on wine and cheese alone…. Well, maybe you can, but it’s great to have more options for you and your friends. Crackers, nuts, cured meats, and fresh fruits and vegetables all pair well. Check out items from Thrive! They are like an online, less expensive Whole Foods with great coupon deals for new customers. Check out their selections of crackers, nuts, fair trade honey, and more. Skip the lines and hard to navigate parking lots and opt for Thrive instead. You’ll save money on many items, buy healthier, and not have to leave your door. Check out Farm Fresh To You to get a box of fruits and veggies straight from the farm to give your guests the best. If you like the flavors of hot sauce and truffle oil, try Truff Hot Sauce. While it has some kick, it is more of a savory and sweet flavor than overly spicy. It goes great on everything! Add this new hot sauce to your wine and cheese night for something truly unique.

Make it Happen

We hope that our suggestions help you throw a no-fuss wine and cheese night! Enjoy the company of your friends and impress them with your food and wine choices. Nothing says I love you more than some wine and cheese generosity! The best part is that you don’t have to brave a grocery store parking lot and long lines to do it. Just have everything delivered to your door.