How to Stay Fit at Home

How to Stay Fit at Home

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamApr 24, 20203 min read

As the majority of the world is staying at home to fight the coronavirus, we have all had to adapt to a new normal. To keep both your mind and your body healthy during this time, it’s a great idea to do some daily exercise.

Perhaps you used to go to the gym and you’re wondering how you can do a good workout from home? Or maybe you want to use this opportunity to get as healthy and fit as you can. Staying fit doesn’t need to be expensive. We know that money is tight for almost everyone right now so we’re here to help you with some affordable top tips on how to stay fit at home.

Turn your home into a gym

If you have the space to do so, why not turn your home into a gym? If you have a smaller space then simply having some weights and dumbells could be a great option to help you get fit and build muscle while you’re at home. You can find lots of different weights and dumbells to suit various fitness levels that are affordable from Amazon. If you’re a more hardcore gym-goer, you can go all out and really turn your home or your garage into a gym. Total Gym has lots of gym equipment from AbCrunch machines to Row Trainers and you can currently get 10% off.

Free at-home workouts for the whole family


If you know where you look, you can find so many incredible at-home workouts for free online. There are lots of YouTube videos with different fitness workouts like aerobics, dance, HIIT, yoga, and more for every fitness level. If you are currently home-schooling then you may want to check out Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach for his daily PE lessons to help keep children fit. For walking workouts, HIIT workouts and toning workouts, Lucy Wyndham-Read is the fitness trainer to follow. For a more relaxing workout then we suggest you take a look at Yoga With Adriene.

Affordable fitness programs


For a more tailored and structured fitness regime, why not look at fitness programs? There are lots of different fitness programs out there to help you achieve your fitness goals. Get your beach body ready without having to go to the gym with BeachBody. BeachBody is an at-home personalized fitness program that helps you meet your goals and get results. Right now, you can get up to 30% off BeachBody and have access to over 700 workouts.

Using things around your home to keep fit

You can still stay fit at home if you have little money. Use your imagination, your home is already a gym! It’s time to get creative. Walk up and down the stairs for cardio. Do bench presses on your sofa. Use tin cans as weights. The possibilities are endless and this can make working out from home so much more fun too!

Even just doing 10 minutes of exercise a day will brighten your mood and make you feel better so why not get up right now, walk around the garden, dance around your room or do a short home workout!