How To Reclaim Healthy Habits With These Easy Steps

How To Reclaim Healthy Habits With These Easy Steps

Nicole Brown

Nicole BrownApr 21, 20183 min read

Throughout the year, it is easy to let healthy habits slip or fall by the wayside.  This is especially true during the holiday season when we feel less guilty about indulging, as well as during colder months, where going outside can feel more like a punishment than something enjoyable. However, there are a few things that you can do to quickly get yourself back on track with being healthy, that doesn’t cost much!

Fill your interests

It is important to align your habits with your interests. If you want to be more physically fit, but hate running, try joining a dance class or a cycling club or gym. If your goal is to change the way you eat, look for a diet that incorporates your favorite foods or supplement with healthy components as you make changes. If you want to include others for more fun, join classes, or invite friends. 

Get on a schedule

Utilizing a schedule helps people who are both busy and those with more free time. If you find that you are very busy, you can schedule in time to take your vitamins, or attend a spin class, or different activities of your choosing. You’re more likely to stick to the activity as you have already allotted time for it. Those who find that they have more time and fewer commitments, may forget to do certain things, lose track of time, or procrastinate because they figure they have more of an opportunity to get things done. A helpful way to stay on schedule is to buy a planner or write out a schedule somewhere visible.

Make it a priority

It is important to make physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health a priority. Making sure that your schedule includes something that caters to each of these areas is a great way to ensure that you are investing where you should be. One great way to cater to a few of these areas at once is by attending therapy, or even journaling.  A hobby that caters to mental health, can be one that strengthens your development or teaches you something new.  Finding something fun and enjoyable such as a crafty hobby, can cater towards emotional health.

Have accountability

Join a group with others, such as Weight watchers, or MyYogaworks. Belonging to a class or having an accountability partner can go a long way in sticking to your goals. People often do not like to go back on their word, nor do they like to fail. With an accountability partner, you are more likely to stick to goals and complete tasks.

Make it easy

Have all of the materials that you need to start new habits ahead of time. For working out, purchase sneakers specifically designed for your activities. For those who are changing their eating habits to be healthier, meal planning materials can be helpful, as well as participating in a healthy eating program or using a subscription box service. Spending time on mental health can be great as well. With programs like audible or other book subscription services, you can really invest in your personal development. If you’re looking to change makeup looks, or get a new face/hair/skincare routine there are great all-in-one stores.

Creating and maintaining healthy habits does not have to be costly or hard. Even busy parents can call on a great nanny to help, if necessary. Once you decide what is important to you, reclaiming healthy habits will be simple!