How to Throw Your Kids' Themed Birthday Party on a Budget

How to Throw Your Kids' Themed Birthday Party on a Budget

Jamie Goodwin

Jamie GoodwinJul 05, 20183 min read

If you’ve been to a child’s birthday party recently, you may have noticed that some parents go a tad overboard. They have the giant bounce houses, piñata, party favors, cake, and costumes that all perfectly go with the party theme. However, you don’t have to dig into your child’s college fund to throw a great kids’ themed birthday party. Here are 5 things you can do to make the party a hit while sticking to your budget:

Party Planning

Consider the Timing

When planning the party, start early. This way you are sure to give yourself enough time for crucial steps such as gathering supplies, sending out invitations, and deciding if you should hire a clown or a magician. If you feel rushed, you could end up going to a pricier store to quickly grab the things you need. Instead, save the time and money by starting to plan as early as possible.

You should also think about when to have the party. For example, if you want to save on the price of food, throw the party in the afternoon between lunch and dinner (about 2-5pm). That way, you can focus on purchasing a few snacks rather than a full meal for all of your guests.

DIY Projects

Make What You Can

If you have a flair for DIY projects, this is a great time to dig in and make whatever you can. Some of the things you can make include food, decorations, invitations, and some party favors. Once these are out of the way, you can use your budget to purchase things like paper goods, balloons, and extra party favors. If there are more elaborate decorations that add to your theme but need to be purchased, be sure to save some of your budget for them. Whether you have a Hawaiian luau, a princess party, or a cowboy hoedown, you can make this birthday special by sticking to a budget and DIY-ing wherever you can.

Order Online Party Supplies

Order Items Online

When comparing prices between brick and mortar party stores and online party retailers, parents find that they can get great deals by purchasing items online. This kind of bargain shopping is one of the greatest reasons to plan the party early. Some of the things you can find online include party favors, paper goods, balloons, and other decor.

You'd be surprised just how many vendors and online retailers offer online deals for all of the themed party supplies you need! One vendor that we go back to again and again is Cool Glow which is known for its huge selection of party supplies. Cool Glow can help you find supplies that are on-theme, no matter how quirky your party is. Not to mention, if you use Cool Glow promo code, you will receive $10 off your entire order of $85 and free shipping.

Party Games

Plan Cheap or Free Party Games

You know your child wants a sports party, but what should you do to entertain the children during the party? Search online for easy games that go along with your theme. Think about things like hot potato with a small soccer ball, sports charades, or freeze dance to sporty songs. No matter what your theme may be, you can take typical party games like Duck, Duck, Goose, a 3-legged race, or musical chairs and give it a themed party makeover that the kids will enjoy.

Bounce House

Talk to Friends before Renting

Things that people often rent for parties include tables, chairs, snow cone machines, cotton candy makers, and bounce houses. Before you go out to rent these items talk to your friends, family, and neighbors. Find out if someone you know has items that you could borrow for the party or if they know someone within the industry who can get you a discount. This is a great, and often overlooked, way to save hundreds for the party.