How to Give the Gift of Memory Lane this Holiday Season

Dec 12, 2017Reading Time: 2 min

Sentimental gifts are always a crowd pleaser and are sure to give you a tear or two when you hand that special someone a personalized present. Hitting the mark, however, is a difficult task. When embroidered gifts and engravings just won’t due, tapping into happy memories is sure to do the trick.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to get that much sought-after reaction is with a stroll down memory lane and a way for them to be reminded every time they look at it. You can do just that with a quality canvas print of a cherished photo memory.


Whether it is a holiday photo from years past, or a recent photo of your newborn given to Grammy and Papa, a photo is worth more than a thousand words, it is worth a tear. FedEx is a great place to get full-color printing on quality matte canvas to use your much-cherished photos and turn them into works of art.


Ranging from 11” x 11” prints to 24” x 36” and even a decorative three-panel triptych set, you can find the size and style that works you and your photo. Set in a 1 ½ inch wooden frame, it creates a work of art out of your chosen photo and allows you to give a unique and personalized gift to your loved one.

Create your sentimental masterpiece online by uploading your photo and selecting your size, it can be ready in 24 hours or less. Want more sizing options or canvas sets? Go in-center and see what is available to create something that works for you. 

The sentimental gift always gets the reaction you want, happy tears, and with a photo that is sure to please, you can give the gift of memory lane that they can hang proudly on their wall with FedEx Office