How to Get Your Kids Back into a Morning School Routine

Aug 15, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

As much as we hate to admit it, summer is starting to come to an end. While kids have to face the prospect of returning to classes, parents are forced to face the struggles of getting back into the swing of hectic morning routines. Getting an entire family up and ready for school is quite the task, but you can cut down on the morning meltdowns with just a few helpful tips and tricks. Below you can find a few helpful hints for getting back into a routine that will set your kids up for a successful day:

Back to School Shopping

1. Go Back-to-School Shopping Early

Before the kids head back to school, be sure to get them a collection of durable clothes that your kids will feel comfortable and confident in. During the weekends, you can save time by planning your children's outfits for the coming week. This will ensure that they have clean clothes and you won’t have to hustle and do any extra laundry during the week. By planning outfits ahead of time, you can also save yourself some valuable time in the morning. While you're doing your shopping, be sure to add discounts from to save yourself some cash.


2. Organize Essentials the Night Before

This means that you should pack up folders, binders, backpacks, and lunches the night before so it’s one less thing to do during your busy mornings. While kids are notorious for losing their shoes at the worst possible times, you can fend this off by putting their shoes in the same place every day (for example, the mudroom, closet, etc.). Another tip is to keep everything important near the front door, so your kiddo are more likely to see them and grab them on their way to the school bus.


3. Get a Good Night's Sleep

You can help your little one get a good night's sleep and get over the school jitters with a comfortable, organic mattress. With a little help from Naturepedic, you can choose from beds that create a healthier and more comfortable place for them to sleep. These mattresses were designed with the health of your children in mind and you can choose from quilted organic cotton, waterproof fabric, or dust-mite proof fabric. If you don't have room in your budget for a new mattress you can take smaller steps towards a healthier life with affordable organic sheets, pillow covers, mattress toppers, and other bedding.


4. Double Check Homework & Important Forms

Be sure to get any forms or permission slips signed the night before. This will ensure that you aren’t in a rush in the morning and that your child won’t forget any important papers. By checking up with your child the night before and ensuring that everything is done, it will make the entire morning run smoothly.

School Bus

5. Wake up Earlier

We know that this is easier said than done, but it can really help your child's morning routine. If you set your alarm 15-30 minutes before your kids get up, you can be a few steps ahead. Instead of trying to get yourself and your family ready at the same time, you will be more efficient by putting yourself first and focusing on them after. Another tip is to wake up your child with more time than they need to get ready.

Stay Calm

6. Stay Calm

Staying calm can be difficult when you are feeling rushed and frantic, and this can often inspire feelings of anxiety in children. When you feel yourself starting to become frazzled, it can help things by explaining to your child why you need their help in the moment. One trick that we recommend is to almost whisper when you find yourself getting frustrated, which will help you remember to use a calm voice.

Morning ROutine Chart

7. Make a Morning Routine Chart

By creating a morning routine chart, you can ensure that your kids don’t forget any important steps and get them excited to get ready for school. When making this chart, you should include steps like: brushing teeth, combing hair, washing face, getting dressed, eating breakfast, etc. You can also encourage kids to take ownership of these tasks and which can help them become more independent in the long run.