How You Can Look Good in the New Year On a Budget

Jan 04, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

With each new year comes the opportunity to revamp many different things about your life. Common resolutions like improving your diet and exercise routine aim to help you with self-improvement, but there’s something else that can achieve that same goal: an upgrade to your wardrobe. This year, vamp up your personal style with a few changes and upgrades to look and feel your absolute best without spending the most.

Wear what makes you feel confident

Don’t always just dress in something because it’s what’s in fashion at the moment. Not all trends work for all people and sticking to what you love will make sure you’re the most confident you can be. While skinny jeans may be popular, if you feel better in boyfriend style jeans, rock those instead. If you hate heels, stick with flats or boots so you feel confident and comfortable. Take style inspiration from model Ashley Graham, who is always in classic silhouettes that perfectly accentuate her shape.


Boyfriend jeans

Add flair with accessories

One of the best ways to infuse any outfit with your own twist is with accessories. Whether a handbag, scarf, hair accessory or pair of glasses, add your own flair in an instant. Like actress Rebel Wilson, add a fun pop of color to your looks that is both eye-catching and flattering for a final ensemble that’s sure to get noticed. Try adding a pair of unexpected shoes or a bright handbag to your wardrobe to start off 2018.


black knee high boots

Try something new

Change can be scary, but that’s what a new year is for! Try a new hair color or a new silhouette that you’ve been curious about. Take inspiration from model Jordyn Woods who is a style chameleon. Whether she’s changing her hair color or transforming her look with an outfit change, she is all about embracing change and opting for a new look. Start with something simple like a new pair of adventurous leggings, or go all out and revamp your entire wardrobe—the sky’s the limit.

colorful purple printed workout leggings

These icons present style, personality and inspire our closets to go big and bold with our look in the new year. Shop these simple additions from Addition Elle to your wardrobe for a style overhaul that is affordable, comfortable and all-around fashion forward!