How to Create the Spookiest Halloween Party on a Budget

How to Create the Spookiest Halloween Party on a Budget

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamOct 31, 20193 min read

If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, it doesn’t need to be expensive. You can find lots of spooktacular things for great prices online at places like What On Earth and you can even bake scary cupcakes and brownies yourself to help cut down the costs. Here are our top saving tips on how you can throw the best Halloween party on a budget:

Make your own costumes

Although it may take a little longer, making your own Halloween costumes is so much fun and is also a great way to cut the costs down. Halloween costumes can be so expensive so why not get crafty with the kids one weekend and help them design their own? A clown costume is really easy to make and all you need to do is wear the most colorful clothes you have in your closet and put on some face paint or scary makeup. A mummy is also a really easy costume to go for. Simply wear white clothes and wrap yourselves in toilet paper; it’s a great affordable option for the whole family!

Keep the guest list small

If you’re inviting the whole class or inviting too many distant relatives then maybe it’s time to cut down your guest list. Pick a select few people who you really want to be at your Halloween party. As you have less people coming to your Halloween party, you’ll notice a huge difference in costs and you’ll have money left over to treat yourself!

Affordable Halloween accessories

You don’t need to go overboard and spend a fortune on Halloween decor and accessories. What On Earth proves you don’t have to spend a lot with their Halloween collection. Why not spook your guests as soon as they step through your door? This I’d Turn Back if I Were You doormat is sure to scare everyone right away. These Pennywise heat change mugs are a bargain at just $14.95 and will go down a treat with both adults and kids alike! These gruesome roach clips are great for clipping onto a bag of sweets for party favors and are also just $14.95.

Bake your own Halloween treats

There’s no need to go to the grocery store to spend your hard-earned cash on party food when you can make everything for less yourself. You can find many affordable Halloween recipes online and you can even turn it into an activity on the day. Who can decorate the scariest Halloween cupcake would be a great little competition for the kids! Another way of saving money could be to tell everyone to bring their own spooky baked goods.

Fun activities and entertainment

Of course, the main activity of the night is going trick or treating! Before the kids go out trick or treating how about watching a scary-ish movie? Great Halloween movies for kids include Goosebumps, Hocus Pocus and Casper. Other activities everyone will enjoy include pumpkin decorating, pin the bow on the skeleton, pass it on ghost story, and Goosebumps the board game.

Happy Halloween!