How to Create the Perfect Outfit for the First Day of Work

Aug 21, 2018Reading Time: 6 min

You've finally found it - your dream job! After nailing the interview and passing the background check, you're now patiently waiting for the first day of your new job. But, before you can impress your co-workers, you need to create the perfect outfit that will set you apart from the crowd and reassure your bosses that they made the right choice when hiring you.

So, be sure to set aside some time before your first day to address your wardrobe. Afterall, before you can start climbing the corporate ladder, you need to make a great first impression. And you can help spark that much-needed feeling of confidence and creativity with some threads that will leave you looking and feeling great. How can you create the perfect outfit for your first day on the job that won't take up your entire first paycheck? The savings experts at break it down below:



Depending on your workplace and the temperature outside, you might find yourself leaning towards wearing a dress on your first day of work. If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend selecting a modest, black dress like this mesh fit, flare dress from Dressbarn. With a few well-placed accessories, this effortlessly chic look is sure to brighten up the office. The entire look gives off a professional, confident vibe that will help you win over your bosses during your first day on the job. A plain black dress will help you capture a professional feel and, after a few weeks, you can break out your summer dresses and the more relaxed pieces of your wardrobe. But, if you don't want to sport a monotone look, you should read below for some colorful tops.


Tops & Outfits

We know that deciding on an outfit isn't easy, but with a little help, you can put together an affordable, adorable look thanks to the coupon codes at If you need a little extra hand, you can go over to Macy's and scroll through their extensive Wear To Work category. Whether you're heading to a cubicle or Wall Street, this section is perfect if you're not used to putting together a professional look. Want to make a statement on the first day? Incorporate a subtle pop of color by wearing this Alfani collection which is comprised of a wave-stitch cardigan, printed surplice blouse, and slimming ankle pants that can be viewed here.

If you're working in a more upscale office, you might need to put in a little more work to impress on your first day. For this, we recommend the Anne Klein collection that consists of a one-button blazer, printed top, and black pants that can be viewed in its entirety here. This classic printed top and blazer combination can also be paired with a black pencil skirt if you are looking to add a feminine flair. While a collection like this can be pricier, you can get an additional discount when using this 80% off coupon code.

FlipFlop Shoes


Striking shoes are a staple of all great outfits and, when it comes to shoes, you need to pick styles that are equal parts comfortable and professional. The last thing that you want on your first day is to be limping from meeting to meeting due to blisters and aching feet. To avoid this, you can pick up a new pair of shoes or sandals from FitFlop. In order to leave you feeling supported during your first day of work, FitFlop created a triple-density Microwobbleboard midsole in an effort to create the most comfortable footwear in the world.

For the first day of your new job, we recommend an understated pair of black boots or sandals that will easily mesh with the rest of your outfit. If you're working in a warm climate, you should grab a pair of luxe SOLA sandals that have soft leather sides and are detailed with classy lines. These slides are especially perfect when paired with cropped trousers or a simple sundress.

However, if you're working in a cooler climate, or if you're just looking for closed-toed footwear options, we have another hand-picked option for you. These Gianna lace-up boots were inspired by moccasins and feature trendy textures and a discreet inside zipper. These ankle boots also feature all-day cushioning in the form of their Supercom midsoles to give you constant support. Sound good? It gets better! At FitFlop you can take advantage of their 70% off sale and grab an additional 30% off on must-have products with this coupon code!

Ashford Watches


Remember: it's the little things that can really pull an outfit together. That means that a new haircut, a fresh manicure, or a few lovely accessories can really make you look like the put-together professional that you are. Just one accessory that every working woman can use combines form and function: a watch! This will complete your outfit while also ensuring that you stay on time for that 2 pm meeting. With a striking and sleek design, the Rado watch from Ashford is sure to go with any outfit on your first day of work, and every day afterward.



As much as we love sparkly eyeshadow and neon lipstick, it's probably best to leave these makeup looks at home. We recommend a more natural, bare look when going to the office. While every so often a smokey eye can shake things up, some simple eyeliner and nude lipstick shades can go a long way to making you look and feel more professional.

It's also important to mention that some workplaces have strict rules regarding makeup that employees can wear during the workday. If you love to experiment with out-of-the-box shades and styles, be sure to check with your HR department before coming into work with bright blue eyeshadow. Regardless, on your first day, you should keep things simple with minimal makeup to emphasize your natural good looks.

If you're looking for a palette that will help you achieve this flawless everyday look, be sure to check out the Flawless 3 Resurrection Palette that is only available through Ulta Beauty! These shades range from neutrals to berry tones that are easy to blend and are incredibly long-lasting. Need something more to sweeten the deal? Well, these 32 shades will only put you back about $15.00, or less if you use a coupon from