How to Choose the Right Plus Size Swim Suit And Save

How to Choose the Right Plus Size Swim Suit And Save

Alessandra Cenni

Alessandra CenniMar 14, 20183 min read

The spring season is always a good excuse to do some extra shopping, especially if you have to get ready for an afternoon by the pool. Nothing screams 'spring break’ more than shopping for the perfect swimsuit, but why spend more than you have to? Whatever the size, you can definitely find some good deals onlineCity Chic has a great selection of suits for women that look good on you and look good for your wallet. If you are planning to buy a plus size swimsuit, for instance, here are some golden rules about online shopping it is always worth remembering:

1. Wear what you are comfortable in

Chances are that when you feel comfortable and happy with your choice of style and color, you will also look great! Shop for the suit that is comfortable and that you like, comfort and fit mean a lot when shopping for something as limiting as a swimsuit. City Chic has one piece looks, high waisted bottoms, underwire support tops and more to make sure you feel spring break ready and comfortable. 

2. Check the website policy

When it comes to clothes, it is essential that you have a fair, trustworthy return policy if the piece doesn't fit you as it should. Check the return policy to make sure you have the option. City Chic offers free shipping and returns for its shoppers which is a great perk when searching for a suit this season. 

3. Customers’ reviews are always more reliable than a picture

They can reveal little details that might not be evident from the picture. However, the pros of using a website specialized on plus size swimsuits are also the possibility of having pictures with models that will have more or less your size. You can more easily picture yourself wearing the item and how you will rock it by the pool this spring. 

4. There are so many different types of swimsuit nowadays, are you sure you know them all?

Tankinis is one of the favorite options, it feels a little bit like wearing a cute fancy summer dress, but with the possibility to dive into the nearest swimming pool. How about the comfort and support of a one piece with underwire? Or detailed board shorts to layer so you can go from the pool or the beach to lunch with ease! Shop the different options to see what works for you and your budget! 

City Chic is one of the leading online retailers specialized in plus size clothing, and they definitely know a thing or two about plus size swimwear. It is not a coincidence that they have a 25% off promo code for swimsuits right now - just sign up to redeem your coupon. 

Their stock changes weekly, with brand new arrivals and products that follow the best trends you are looking for this season and our favorite trend of all, great prices. City Chic offers a guaranteed fit because its swimsuits - just like any other piece of clothing - are designed and cut to make you feel 100% comfortable with your look. Follow these tips and shop now for your spring swimsuit look now and save.