How eharmony Can Help You Avoid Dreaded Relationship Questions

Nov 30, 2017Reading Time: 2 min

The holidays bring many things each year: joy, gifts, great food and interrogations from your family about your love life. Dodge a bullet by finding someone who is compatible that your parents will love with eharmony.

No one likes going into the holidays alone, nor do they like facing the questions from family about who you are dating, why you are single or why you brought someone you just “swiped right” on. Instead you can get curated matches sent to you daily to find someone for a long-lasting and serious relationship that will pass your Aunt Betty’s own compatibility test. eharmony does the leg work to find matches that can turn into something real through the world’s first patented compatibility-based matching system. No blind and hopeful swiping on people looking for a fling, but compatible matches that are backed by 35 years of experience and research.

Dating is hard enough without the added holiday pressure of “meeting the family.” Instead, start your journey with help from eharmony and sign-up today to find someone that is looking for the same thing you are, a serious relationship.

Walk into the holidays with a great match on your arm that you are excited to introduce to the family, not anxiously dreading. With help from the number 1 most trusted dating site, you will impress even grumpy-old Papa with your date this holiday season. Now it is made easier and cheaper to find someone lasting in your life. Now until Dec. 31 you can get 40% off a 3-month eharmony plan with code SAVE40, exclusively with Save yourself the holiday embarrassment of no date, or worse a bad date, and start your plan with eharmony and save some money too.

You don’t need to dread the holiday feast this year, instead bring someone you truly care about and introduce them to your clan. You may still get an interrogation, but it will be sprinkled with questions on how you crazy kids met, and you can proudly tell them eharmony.