How Cisco can jump-start your IT career

Feb 25, 2019Reading Time: 4 min

Any IT expert will let you know that certifications are essential for climbing up the IT ladder. Whether you’re just starting out in the IT world, want to make your resume look better or want to make it to the top, Cisco is a great place to go and learn and gain a variety of certifications.

Cisco offers a range of IT certifications including design, security, and cloud. We’ll be exploring the learning center in more detail as well as going through the different levels of certification, how these courses can help your career and how you can make huge savings with our discount codes and deals.


What is Cisco?

Cisco is the world’s leading IT certification company that provides a number of computer networking services and products. They offer a variety of training, IT certifications and testing programs at different levels. Cisco’s learning center is designed for both students and professionals who want to take certifications to boost their skills and progress to the next level in their career.

Levels of certification

Whether you’re an entry-level student or an IT professional wanting to advance in your career, Cisco has the perfect course for you. There are 5 levels of certification. These are all based upon your expertise in different areas of IT. The levels include:

  • Entry (CCENT)
  • Associate (CCNA, CCDA)
  • Professional (CCNP, CCDP)
  • Expert (CCDE, CCIE)
  • Architect (CCAr)

What courses does Cisco offer?

Once you have completed your entry-level certification, you can choose to specialize in one of the following areas: Wireless, Service Provider Operations, Cloud, Routing and Switching, Data Center, Design, Service Provider, Voice and Video. If these courses sound like something you’re interested in then make sure to check out our great selection of Cisco Learning promo codes and coupons to receive expert-level training for less.

Cisco offers a range of learning resources on their website including study/learn pages, study groups and games. There are also live technical webinars and recorded versions of previously held events to help you succeed in your Cisco education journey. Let’s take a look at some of the learning resources in more detail:

  • IT training videos - If you’re more of a visual learner then the IT training videos are perfect. Cisco has lots of IT training videos covering a range of topics.

  • White papers - Cisco also has an extensive library of white papers which are great for when you want to quickly grasp the IT field.

  • Study/learn resources - There are so many study and learning resources and these can all be found in one place for ease. They are sorted by certification and technology too so you can quickly and easily find what you want to study.

  • Study groups - You’re not alone. There are so many other IT novices and professionals taking their certifications at Cisco. Ask questions and chat with other students and professionals in one of the study groups.

How will a Cisco certification help you?

There are so many reasons why you should get a Cisco certification to kick-start your IT career. Firstly, Cisco certifications can help you and your resume stand out in a competitive market. The job market is tough and you need to make yourself unique to be in with a good chance of being hired. Cisco certifications help as it tells the employer that you have the knowledge as well as the determination to work and improve yourself.

Also, it is believed that your salary will be a lot higher once you’re certified. You’re likely to earn a higher wage because your knowledge and skills are more specialist. With the help of Cisco certifications, you will be more respected within the industry and will have many opportunities for career progression.

If you’re wanting to jump-start your IT career or gain more qualifications to advance your way through the industry then make sure to check out our site for regularly updated promo codes and coupons to make huge savings today.