Homemade Gift Ideas That Take Time Not Money

Mar 21, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

No matter what the holiday or occasion is, buying gifts can quickly get expensive and even boring if you’re just buying something to check someone off the list. Instead of wasting time at the store picking out lackluster gifts, think outside the box. You just might have been onto something as a kid, making homemade gifts for all of your loved ones. This time though, you have some money of your own to put behind these one-of-a-kind presents. Next time you have to go out and buy a gift, give one of these homemade gifts a try instead!

Make a Blanket

If there are a million shirts around the house of past memories, whether it be high school sports or concerts attended, make a huge quilt out of them. It’s likely your loved one isn’t wearing the shirts anymore, but also can’t bear to throw them away. A homemade t-shirt quilt is perfect for the bedroom, family room, or even as wall art. If you love the idea of making a quilt, but don’t have any significant shirts to use, check out Keepsake Quilting. They have every pattern you could ever dream of making. Maybe you’ll catch the quilting bug and make something for everyone in the family! From new babies to birthdays, you won’t be disappointed with what they have to offer. It is a fun and affordable gift you can create yourself!

Make a Playlist

Back in the day, it was special when someone made you a CD or even bought you a CD of your favorite band/singer. Everyone still listens to music, so why not go old school and make him/her a playlist? You can customize it to exactly the occasion you are giving the gift for whether it’s a celebration, road trip, party, or holiday. If you really want to go above and beyond, you can even throw in a couple months of a streaming service for him/her if he/she doesn’t already have one. There’s nothing like listening to music without any interruptions. It might seem like a lame gift, but we can promise you that your loved one will cherish it for years to come. It’s truly a gift that keeps giving!

DIY Reed Diffusers

Buying in-store candles and oil diffusers is a luxury, but also comes at the cost of possibly inhaling harmful chemicals. Instead of going that route, try making your own oil diffusers. This is a great bulk gift because only a few inexpensive items are needed. All you need are a few glass containers, bamboo sticks, almond oil, rubbing alcohol, and your loved ones’ favorite essential oils. You can mix different oils together to get the perfect scent for their homes, and you all can feel safe knowing that no one is breathing in any toxic or harmful chemicals. These reed diffusers can easily be dressed up by finding fancier jars. Check out your local thrift store to find unique containers.

Favorite Things Basket

Yes getting new, exciting gifts is always fun, but it’s also amazing to get a basket full of everything that you love. This year, throw together a bag or basket with your loved one's favorite food, drinks, candy, scents, etc. You can easily put a beautiful gift together without buying much from the store. Homemade treats, bath and beauty products, and even blankets will go farther than anything generic item you would find shopping. Plus, you’ll get extra bonus points when your loved one realizes how well you know him/her!

Buying gifts is fun, but when they come from the heart, they’re always more appreciated. While you can no longer get away with a poorly painted rock as a gift, if you put a little extra thought and effort in, we know that you can make an amazing homemade gift!