Home Decor Craft Ideas You Never Considered

Home Decor Craft Ideas You Never Considered

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerFeb 21, 20183 min read

Decorating – a pleasure, until you’ve worked your way through the bare bones stuff, and then you need to coordinate and organize all the loose ends. You may ask yourself if you have the stamina to continue… and you may guilt yourself into thinking “this is where my creativity is supposed to shine!” You may need inspiration. Well, we have some ideas that can push you in the right direction and motivate you to keep on trucking (when all you want to do is quit).

quilt wall hanging

Homemade Quilt Wall Hangings

Surprising, right? If you’re a super-sewer, then you might want to consider making your own quilt to match your decor. We recommend swinging by Keepsake Quilting for inspiration. You can create your own geometric and colorful tapestry wall hanging through fun and unique patterns from Keepsake Quilting to give a personalized touch to any room. 

stacked plates


Plates are super-cheap and easy to hang on your wall, and you can get them in any color to match your decor – yet they seemed to get phased out. Bring ‘em back, we say! After you go to the local thrift store or grab a few at Target in the corresponding colors you need, it’s easy to find the right hardware to hang a plate or two in an advantageous spot (pro tip: stop at Ace).



Some of us had mothers who went stencil-crazy, putting up way too many flowers and geometrics in each bathroom, the dining room, and (most likely) the kitchen, too. But stencils don’t have to be like that, and a quick Amazon crafts search proves it. From cute sayings to simple designs that mimic wallpaper prints, there are a lot of things you can do with a little paint, a simple stencil, and some time. Stop off at Home Depot for some inspiration (and good values).

windowsill decor with plant and birdcage


If you’re a serial shopper at a yard or garage sale, you know that bird cages go for next-to-nothing. Birds or not, you can find ways to make a birdcage look lovely. Try filling it with a nice green plant, a fun gemstone (like an amethyst), or (so kitschy) a few pottery birds sourced from CB2 or Target.


Bromeliads and Orchids

Some people don't think about plants as being a DIY home decor idea, but they are! They're cheap or free, they don't require as much care as an animal, they purify the air, and they are conversation starters. What's not to love? If you have a “black thumb” like some of us, then we won't blame you picking up a realistic little terrarium that requires no water at all. Faux isn't what it used to be!

stained windows


Are you the adventurous decorating type, but definitely cramped for space? Then this might be the right choice. Stained glass windows leaning against decorative side walls cool colored mini frames hanging in the bathroom for privacy, fun multi-framed windows with fresh white frames… these are all great options, and they take up no room at all. Too ambitious? Get stained glass ornaments and window hangings instead – they're even more budget-friendly.

couch with brightly colored pillows

Just Plain Color

For the last home décor tip, we’re going bare bones: paint a wall a good accent color in orange, green, purple, or red. Actually, just pick your favorite and go for it! It's your space, and you're doing an accent wall. There's little to think about except – what color?