Holiday Shopping Do’s and Don’ts of the Season

Dec 12, 2017Reading Time: 4 min

The holiday season is full of booby traps and how-tos, but how do you know which ones to avoid and which ones to follow? Here are the do’s and don’ts you should follow for your holiday shopping season to keep in mind when you are finding gifts online at Overstock.


Resort to cash or gift cards.

While you can hide behind cash gifts and gift cards, most of us know there isn’t much thought behind it. Purchasing an actual gift shows them you care—and if they don’t love it they can always return it. Even if the gift card is to their favorite store, getting something more specific that you know they will love says a lot more.



If you aren’t sure what the recipient wants or needs, ask them. Yes, sometimes you will get responses like “I don’t want anything for the holidays.” If you run into a reluctant gift-receiver, try talking about their interests and hobbies and find out what they are into. You are sure to get some inspiring insight. Did they take up yoga recently? Get them a Sivan six-piece yoga set with matt, blocks towels and strap. Whether the recipient asks for something specific or throws out general ideas, any answer is better than nothing when it comes to hunting for the perfect present.



Set a shopping timeframe.

The best gifts can be found all year round, not just in November and December. If you see something you know that special someone will love bookmark it! Keep your eyes peeled and don’t limit the time frame that you can browse and shop.


Hold out for a great deal.

Just because you found it in October doesn’t mean you have to buy it then. Wait for the great holiday sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Overstock regularly has holiday sales that offer the best prices on the products you love.  Signing up for an account lets you find your saved products and the items you looked at previously. So that White Gold Rolex Datejust for him is ready for purchase during Overstock sales when you can get free shipping!


Buy a gift for the sake of buying it.

When you spend unnecessarily, you are more likely wasting money on something the recipient might not even like. If there is no thought behind your gift, you are going to run into the awkward fake gratitude of a person who can’t wait to find the gift receipt. Did you get them an electric wine opener even though they don’t ever drink wine? Make sure every purchase has a purpose behind it before over-spending.


Get a gift that has a thought or reason behind it.

 Buying a gift for someone should have a purpose or meaning. When you give someone a gift you know they wanted or needed, it makes the receiver feel cared for and shows you know them well. A great way to do find a personal gift is to remember the hints they drop! Did they mention they love to cook? Have they been taking a class? In that case, shop the latest must-have cookware like this Cuisinart 5.5 Quart Chef’s Classic Oval Covered Casserole dish.

 Keep these do's and don'ts in mind this holiday season and shop the latest at Overstock all year round to save on top gifts of the season.