Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerMay 03, 20173 min read

HOKA ONE ONE has caught my eye in a big way. Now that it’s spring, and totally gorgeous out, I feel energized enough to spend a lot of time outdoors doing fun stuff, from biking to playing tennis and more. And with that spring in my step comes an urge to look the part… from head to toe!

Why did I choose HOKA ONE ONE? For starters, the site is just clean: extra-large photos in high resolution and lots of photos of shoes on models, with easy-to-navigate sections for the workout enthusiast: road, trail, hiking, apparel, recovery sandals, and more, all in a simple navigation bar.

But before we get to aesthetics, how about the actual functionality? These shoes are different. They’ve been developed by real runners (the kind who win marathons!), and they’ve done the research to back up their claims. Here’s what HOKA ONE ONE says: “The smirks at midsoles twice the thickness of other running shoes soon turned into ‘ahas’ as runners tried HOKA ONE ONE and felt the difference. Light and surefooted during a race, with more cushioning at the end, HOKA makes runners feel like they’re gliding over the ground.”

There’s actually quite a bit of science behind HOKA’s designs, which include features like special midsoles that provide extra cushioning and shock absorption, sculpted outsoles to encourage your natural gait, and a foot frame for additional stability.

On to the looks, because the functionality certainly is there: HOKA ONE ONE didn’t skimp on curb appeal. Here’s what I liked best:

Road shoes: These shoes have what HOKA calls “marshmallow” on the bottom, and they look like they’re a dream to wear. Fluffy-looking soles are built up around your feet for ultimate comfort, and uppers are available in every color of the rainbow, including bright, sunshiny yellows, deep-sea blues, and beautiful, clear greens. Complementing the daring color schemes are lots of pretty, zigzagged color stripes across the uppers. They also happen to be award-winning: Competitor Magazine awarded the company for “Best Update.”

Trail shoes: I struggle with finding the right trail shoes because they never seem stable and cushy enough. You hit one rock, for example, and it feels like your knees are buckling, and your foot feels like it has marbles jammed underneath the sole. Not with these shoes, which are molded with the perils of the trail in mind. My favorite was a purple-on-purple pair in what I’ve dubbed “Power Lilac,” and that HOKA calls “Persian Jewel.”



Recovery slides: One style is all you need! HOKA’s recovery slides are made for post-run comfort. They have meta-rocker technology, just like the sneakers, which is paired with special cushioning.


HOKA ONE ONE also has plenty of cool promos here on Promocodes.com, too. Get 40% off, and then scroll down to add your email address and sign up for deal alerts.

Happy Shopping!