Here's How to Save Money at Target for the Rest of Your Life

Here's How to Save Money at Target for the Rest of Your Life

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamAug 07, 20142 min read

Target, known famously for its unrivaled selection and vastly superior prices, offers a bit more than cool clearances and jovial customer service. There are hidden techniques to save money at Target that you just might not be privy to. But you should. If you are a crusty Target veteran and have plans to leap into aisle battle very soon, here are a few shopping secrets for getting the most for your money.  

Save Money at Target

Check out which products will be marked down during the week. If you’re a frequent Target shopper it will come of great use to you:

Monday: Books, Kids Clothing, Stationery, Baby, Electronics, Accessories

Tuesday: Pets, Women’s Clothing, Food, Domestics

Wednesday: Furniture, Diapers, Health and Beauty, Men’s Clothing, Lawn and Garden

Thursday: Sporting Goods, Toys, Shoes, Décor, Luggage, Housewares

Friday: Hardware, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Auto

Buy in bulk if the price tag ends in $0.04. Yes, a clearance product with a price tag with the digit $0.04 means that it is marked down the lowest it will go. This means it’s time to throw as many of whatever it is in your shopping cart. It is marked for final clearance.

Before you buy something, find a lower price on Amazon. Target’s price matching policy explicitly indicates that they price match Amazon as well as a slew of other stores including Best Buy and Walmart. However, you must buy the product first. Search the specific item on Amazon—which consistently offers the lowest prices anywhere—and save a few bucks. Then, you can show the customer associate proof that Amazon indeed offers a lower price and they will pay you the difference.

Buy a discounted Target gift card and use it. You can buy gift cards at a percentage off and use them like new.

Use Target coupons and coupon codes at

Even lower than the clearance price? You betcha—at Goodwill. Everything that isn’t purchased on clearance at Target is then sent to a local Goodwill. From there, the price is marked down even further. If the clearance price at Target doesn’t fly with you, you may be able to find an unbelievably low price at your neighborhood Goodwill.

Bring your own bag and save $0.05. Sure, a nickel doesn’t buy much these days, but it’s the novelty of saving that counts. Every time you use your own bag they give you $0.05 back. Likewise, using more than one bag will get you more than one nickel.

Obviously, sign up for REDcard. Every time you use it you will get 5 percent off and free shipping at Target’s website.