Halloween Hounds: Get Your Dog in the Spooky Spirit this Halloween

Sep 25, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

Get Ready! Halloween is only a month away and there is no time like the present to get into the spooky spirit. This fun time of the year is your chance to dress up, party, watch horror movies, share your opinion on pumpkin-flavored-everything, and now you can include your dog! Everyone knows there's nothing cuter than a dog in a costume. And there's no dog happier than one who's just been given a treat. Below are our suggestions for playing trick-or-treat with your pup, as well as finding costumes for them:

Trick or Treat


Petmate has a great selection of affordable treat-hiding toys that will work out your dog's mind and body while rewarding them with a treat. For an extremely durable treat-hiding toy, check out the Dogzilla Knobby Treat Grabber dog toy. This toy has spooky-looking teeth to emphasize the Halloween vibe. Another toy you should check out is the JW Treat N Squeak Ball Treat Dispensing dog toy that makes a noise when your dog retrieves it to encourage all of their senses. It also dispenses a treat after giving your dog a workout. The JW Treat Pods Rope Toy is an innovative and fun toy that you can fill with all different treats.

Treat-hiding chew toys can also curb destructive behavior by using a reward system that teaches them exactly what they are allowed to chew on. If you're going for a more traditionally spooky look, opt for a bone which are a classic symbol of Halloween and are beloved by dogs. Why not check out the Dogzilla Bone Stufferz? It's a great toy to play trick-or-treat with your dog, which can bring you joy at inexpensive prices.

Dog Costumes Halloween

Copious Costumes

You can get your dog Instagram-ready and Halloween-ready at the same time and for less! Spirit Halloween has many spooky, affordable, and fun costumes for every kind of dog! The sooner you pick up a costume, the sooner you will know if your dog feels comfortable in it and be ready for Halloween. Plus, it's never to early to start taking and posting some adorable pics of your pet. Also, it can be fun to dress against type - consider getting a big dog a cute costume and a small dog a scary costume. Have a chihuahua? Dress them up as the man of nightmares himself, Freddy Krueger! Another great option with a built-in fan base is Beetlejuice (just don't call his name three times in a row). For some super cute Star Wars options, check out their Ewok, Porg, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Yoda, and BB-8!

Fall Festivities

Don't Forget the Festivities

By planning ahead, you can share the festivities and get in the spooky spirit with your pet. Your dog will love having a new toy to play with, treats that bring positive rewards, and an adorable costume for a new look. This Halloween, be sure to take tons of photos and spread bunches of love this season by sharing it with your pet.