Phobia unmasking: 20 items under $20 for the spookiest Halloween party

Oct 08, 2018Reading Time: 7 min

Fog machines are on rotating and Michelle Meyers theme song is on blast which can only mean it's the season of Halloween festivities. Looking to throw a spooky Halloween party that won’t bust your budget? Well, you’re in luck because Halloween Express has 20 spine-chilling items to horrify your guest worst phobias. Whether it be a trick-or-treat after party, a celebratory Halloween gathering or a bottoms-up adult party, at Halloween Express you can find the most chilling costumes and props you’ll need to make your party the spookiest on the block.


1. Zombie shoulder buddy

As the host, you’ll need to be the most accessorized in spooky memorabilia. Also, you’ll want to make a scary hit upon greeting your guest. Thanks to Halloween Express you can now stand out as the eerie host with the $19.99 zombie shoulder buddy. Not only will you be accompanied with an adorable and ghoulish zombie but you can scare the socks off your kinemortophobia attendees.


2. Bloody Knife

If you’re looking to instill a grisly theme into your party the $7.99 bloody knife prop from Halloween Express will be the goriest and affordable option. This knife will have your party looking like a classic slasher’s room. Its real-life bloody appearance will definitely have your hoplophobia guest fainting upon its sight.

photo of a bat

3.Animated flying bats

The Chiroptera, otherwise known as bats, are bloodthirsty and a demon resembling creatures of the night. Fall and Halloween are bats prime time to make their freaky debuts which is why you should definitely consider purchasing Halloween Express $19.99 animated flying bats for your spooky party. With a swarm of animated flying bats around, you’ll have your chiroptophobia guest ducking for safety all night.

monster clown

4. Light up clown decoration

A Halloween party is not complete without a monster clown. Although clown accessories can cost quite a pinch, at Halloween Express, you can find the most hair-raising light up clown under $19.95 today. Be sure to pick up your own light up clown to have your coulrophobia guest screaming their lungs out.



The Corvus otherwise known as the crow is an essential Halloween decoration of the season. Crows can be seen perched all throughout the month in trees, mailboxes and including spooky parties. At Halloween Express you’ll find your ornithophobia guests worst nightmare when you purchase the crow prop now at $11.99!

bloody handprint

6. Bloody handprint

The sight of blood is exceptionally grotesque, however, it is also the most spine-chilling prop for horrifying your hemophobia guest. If you really want your party to be the spookiest then be sure to pick up a set of bloody handprints at Halloween Express starting at $4.49 today.


7. Wolf Mask

The wolf is a well-known creature of Halloween, which nonetheless makes it an essential part to a Halloween party. At Halloween Express you’ll find their $19.59 universal wolf mask that can either be mounted on your face or on the wall. This prop will definitely have your lupophobia guest scurrying like frightened felines.

venetian mask

8. Venetian Carnival Mask

Masks are the ultimate Halloween party necessity. At Halloween Express you can find incredible deals on mask-like their $15.99 veneitan carnival mask. Although meant to be worn on your face, you can directly mount a collection of the mask onto your wall and create a creepy mask hall which will have your maskaphobia guest in a woozy daze.


9. Mummy Half Mask

Mummies are the classic undead Halloween props for sending your necrophobia screaming for mommy. You’ll definitely want to give your party the undead vide so be sure to purchase Halloween Express $15.99 mummy mask.


10. Hanging ghost

Whether you’re replicating a haunted house, mansion or office, a ghostly spirit is always required to pull off the haunted vide especially when you have phasmophobia guest over. Be sure to pick up a set of Halloween Express $9.99 hanging ghost!


11. Tombstone

Part of making your party a spooky success requires that your home is completely decorated including the front yard. Accessorizing your yard in an eerie graveyard theme and have your placophobia guest horrified with Halloween Express affordable $15.99 tombstone prop.

women vampire costume

12. Women's blood raven costume

The Vampire is Halloweens ominous and most alluring creature of the night. A fanged bloodsucker at your spooky party and adorned in Halloween Express $9.99 women’s raven costume will definitely have the sanguivoriphobia attendees in a fearful shock all night.


13. Devil Hands

Of all the hellish creatures associated with Halloween, the devil is undoubtedly the most frightening which has nonetheless resulted in life-like devil props and costumes. Halloween Express has successfully crafted a pair of grotesque devil hands. These $19.99 devil hands are designed for comfortable fit and dexterity, however, they will definitely have your satanophobia guest running for the exit.


14. Crashed Tree Witch Decoration

Witches are a favorite Halloween icon and a necessary prop for any spooky gathering. These wicked creatures are always in high demand around this time of the year so finding available accessories could prove to be tricky from. Fortunately, at Halloween Express, you can always find their wicked crashed tree witch decoration available at $18.99. Be sure to grab a couple of these mischievous beings to scare the bejesus out of your Wiccaphobia guest.


15. Poseable skeleton

Skeletons are essential to any spooky Halloween party ‘s success especially when you have skelephobia guest over for the night. Although these boney props are widely available during October, you will only find the scariest of skeleton props at Halloween Express like their $15.99 poseable skeleton prop


16. 20” Brown spider decoration

This spooky arachnid at $9.49 is the perfect prop for any haunted themed party. Give your home a mysterious touch with the Halloween Express brown spider decoration and have your arachnophobia guest darting out the door.

alien skull

17. Alien skull decoration

Invite an intergalactic being to attend your spooky gathering this Halloween and have your party be the talk of the universe. Also, this will give your astrophobia attendees a chance to confront their worst nightmares. Be sure to grab yourself one of Halloween Express realistic-like alien skull prop at a whopping $17.99.


18. Magnetic cockroach 2 pack

There's no escape when it comes to these critters, so its best to just incorporate them into your spooky-themed party. Thanks to Halloween Express you can now get a 2 pack of these dreadful magnetic cockroaches at a great deal of $6.49. Save big bucks this Halloween on insect prop at Halloween Express and scare the bejeezus out of your entomophobia guest.


19. Furry rat decoration

Rats are the most repugnant critters scurrying around our streets today. However, they make for up for being the best Halloween scare tool. These disgusting creatures are essential for any spooky party especially when you’re having musophobia guest attend. Thanks to Halloween Express, you can now purchase their pack of hair-raising furry rats at $9.99 today!


20. Wild jungle snake prop

Slithery, venomous and life-like snake props are perfect for any haunted party. At Halloween Express, you can find the hair-raising wild jungle snake prop at a fantastic price of $8.79. Increases your savings by purchasing this prop to scare the socks off your ophidiophobia guest.