How Guys Can Actually Enjoy Online Shopping

Sep 18, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

Browsing the web for clothing, electronics or other products may prove to be a long, arduous process, particularly for guys who want to instantly find the best items at the lowest prices. However, there are many things that men can do to transform an ordinary online shopping experience into an unforgettable one, and these include:


1. Define Your Wants & Needs

Recent research indicates that the average U.S. consumer spends approximately $5,400 annually - or about $450 per month - on impulse buys. Yet these spur-of-the-moment purchases can add up quickly, especially for guys who shop online. But if you make a list of wants and needs, you can reduce the risk of making impulse buys on the internet that you may regret down the line. Additionally, if you feel tempted to buy something online on a whim, be patient. Take a few days to consider the pros and cons of this potential online purchase, and you can determine if you actually need to complete the transaction.


2. Shop Securely

While this step may seem obvious - only choose trusted websites when you shop online. By doing so, you can limit the risk of your sensitive payment information falling into the hands of cybercriminals - something that can lead to identity theft and other long-term problems. To differentiate between a trusted website and an unsafe one, you should set your web browser's security level to high. That way, you can shop securely online anytime you choose.

Online Shopping

3. Get a Bargain

Who doesn't like saving money when they shop? There is a wealth of coupons that are offered online, which enable you to save big on items from a wide range of retailers. Oftentimes, you can find online discounts directly from a retailer's website, however, you may also find lots of online coupons through savings experts like,, and If you sign up for online newsletters, you may be eligible to receive regular coupons from various retailers, too.

Mens Fashion Online Shopping

4. Shop Online for Everyday & Tough-to-Find Items

Websites make it simple to buy just about anything. For example, Basic Outfitters allows guys to shop for premium and affordable loungewear, socks, and underwear that they won't find anywhere else. Other retailers, meanwhile, sell everything from groceries to furniture to school supplies. If you use the internet to shop for both every day and tough-to-find items, you may grow more comfortable with online shopping over time. As a result, you can boost the likelihood of enjoying memorable online shopping experiences time and time again.

Shop Mobile Device

5. Shop on Your Mobile Device

Your smartphone, laptop, or tablet can be used for more than just playing video games, streaming movies and listening to music. In fact, research shows that 45% of men have bought a product or service using their smartphone and 85% have made an online purchase on their laptop. Mobile devices are transforming the way that consumers and retailers connect with one another. If you shop on your mobile device, you can quickly and effortlessly make online purchases from any location, at any time.