Grammar: an Invaluable Weapon for the Job Hunter

Feb 22, 2019Reading Time: 3 min

Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo. This is a grammatically correct sentence. If you didn’t know that, then you need some help!

That’s a joke.

But let’s be honest here. When your aim is to impress, grammar is no joke.

While on the job hunt, the words that you use are going to be the bread and butter for you to communicate your hard-earned soft and hard skills to your dream employer. Think about it from top to bottom; when you’re sitting at your computer writing a resume, crafting a precise email, or writing a persuasive cover letter, concise syntax and effective word choice is going to be essential for you.


Words are the stuff that your dream job is made of. It’s also the stuff that the sentence “Words are the stuff that your dream job is made of” is made of. It bears repeating that grammar is no joke.

But you don’t always need a professional to create a resume, cover letter, or professional email.

Grammarly can help immensely when you’re in need of a writing assistant. It goes beyond the element of word choice in a section of copy; Grammarly looks at your words like a system (which is what grammar technically is) and helps you to create sentences that flow with ease and grace. It can help you with tone, syntax, and punctuation.

Here’s why sharp grammar, and Grammarly’s expert service, can be your greatest weapon on your job hunt:

  1. Employers get hundreds of applications per job posting

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that if one person is looking for a job, then a few hundred people are doing the same thing. This is true for every job posting you’ve ever seen. Employers have to cut through significant clutter to get to the more exceptional applicants. With effective writing, you’ll stand apart from everyone else.

Whether you’re filling out a job form, talking about yourself, or summarizing your relevant experience, be persuasive, concise, and communicate what you’ll deliver as an applicant. What do you have that no one else has? Good grammar, probably.

  1. Emails don’t get read, until they do

When you get spam mail, how do you know it’s spam in the first place? You read the subject line and maybe the first heading. You make a judgement call pretty quickly. Employers do exactly the same thing. Good word choice comes in handy when writing emails to your dream workplace.

In the subject line, don’t overdo things. Be simple and summarize who you are. The first line of your actual email should be your elevator pitch. What do you want this person to know first and foremost? Grammarly can save you some heartache here.

  1. Communication is key

Practicing effective written grammar takes a lifetime to master and great writers aren’t made in a day. Grammarly is a tool that equips you with knowledge to grow into a better communicator. Soon, the skills that you sharpen while using Grammarly will bleed into the way that you speak on a day-to-day basis. Communication is the keystone to any productive workplace. Think about all the meetings, interviews, and elevator pitches ahead of you… is currently offering 20% off Grammarly coupons and promo codes. Are you on the job hunt?