Give Back to Nature With the Arbor Day Foundation

Oct 06, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Trees are amazing. They make up a vital aspect of nature. They clean air and water. They can reduce a homeowner’s utility bills and electricity demand. They help to conserve energy. They slow down the process of climate change. They prevent the loss of species and they feed the human soul. Trees are beautiful and they are a key part of our world. However, as a result of deforestation and urbanisation, the amount of trees around are in decline, especially in certain locations.

The Arbor Day Foundation is a non-profit conservation organisation that aims to inspire people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees, and it has a mission to create a healthier and greener world. The foundation encourages communities to be much more eco-friendly and to give space and a place for trees, as well as encouraging the preservation of forests. Ultimately, the foundation wants to make the world a better place through protecting the trees and the environment.

The Arbor Day Foundation works by collaborating by with communities, corporations and campuses to encourage people to reduce carbon emissions through reforestation, so anyone can get involved, contribute and do their bit for the environment. You can become active in the cause by donating now, volunteering and supporting the tree recovery community in your area. You can even donate - you can give in the present day or set up a donation in your will. 

Want to become an Arbor Day Foundation member? You can receive The Tree Book, newsletter and discounts on a vareity of trees plus new members receieve 10 FREE TREES! Choose froma wide selection and even give some away. 

Another option is to become a member of the Legacy Circle. This means that your organization will be listed as a beneficiary to your estate, or investing an annual gift, and that would mean that you’d get the experience certain perks, such as regular contact with the representatives of the foundation, a welcome package and a tree planted every year on your birthday in homage to you. By becoming a member of the Legacy Circle, you will be making a difference to the environment for years and years to come!

All in all, getting involved with the Arbor Day Foundation is a great way to save the trees and protect the environment. It’s a fantastic way to contribute to the local community, donate for an important cause and establish a legacy of tree restoration and preservation that will last well into the future.

Get involved. Spread the word - word of mouth is a very power resource. Let your friends, family, peer and colleagues know about the foundation and suggest that they get involved. The more the merrier in the fight for tree restoration!

Would you get involved in the Arbor Day Foundation?