Gift Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Gift Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamFeb 21, 20192 min read

This Valentine’s Day, think about you and what you want, gorgeous! While of course we hope you’re tracking down exceptional finds for your loved ones, sometimes it’s worth stepping back and remembering to pay attention to yourself, too.

With that in mind, here are some of the easiest and best ways to treat yourself right:

  1. Go shopping at Romwe. Sometimes you just want to bulk-buy clothing and accessories… we can help you do that with a suggestion that always delivers. Romwe has some of the best low-cost designs out there, and you can rest assured that they update their offerings regularly to reflect the most on-trend designs. If looking devastatingly stylish is important to you, Romwe is a must-visit.

  2. Go premium with Godiva for the office pals. Who doesn’t want a huge box of truffles? Go for an assortment from uber-premium Godiva… but be sure to ask around about allergies first.

  3. Buy yourself a bauble somewhere romantic. Hop over to a super-romantic site, like Swarovski, known for its incredible engagement designs, and buy yourself a small ring with your birth stone — or a diamond, for that matter!

  4. Buy a “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Pair of watches, and gift one and keep the other. How about Fossil? We love the idea of getting the backs monogrammed for both, and picking out complementary designs, including the bands.

  5. Splurge on sexy lingerie just for you. And we mean sexy. Look for devil-may-care pieces that have not a hint of practicality and more than a little pizzazz. And if sexy isn’t something that appeals, then by all means, make it super-comfortable. Just be sure to throw out the ratty stuff, Marie-Kondo style.

  6. Buy your family a huge gift basket to share from Gourmet Gift Baskets. Sometimes, the greatest gift you can give to yourself is giving someone else something special. Get a big basket of goodies, with fruit, nuts, and candy, and be sure to include something you love, too.

  7. Go crazy on chocolate at Russell Stover – or stock up on goodies from Dylan’s Candy Bar. Russell Stover chocolates have been around since 1923, and the boxes still delight. Why not stock up on a single-flavor box just for you, and then grab a “tackle box” of yummies at Dylan’s Candy? We recommend saving the multi-compartment holder for later, when you can store rings and pendants in it.

  8. Book a trip. Is there somewhere that you have always wanted to see, but that you have never had a chance to explore? Book your vacation now to the beach, the jungle, or to the city, and don’t look back.

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweets!