Gift Guide to Help Your Student Start College Right

Aug 28, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

As the summer quickly comes to an end, incoming freshmen across the country are beginning to pack up their belongings and heading off to campus for those exciting first weeks at their new college or university. Whether they're heading to the other coast or to a university only a few miles from home, there are certain essentials that every student should have to ensure they're prepared for the upcoming four years.

Dorm Room Staples

Every student spends a large portion of their time in their dorm room, so it's important to make sure it's a comfortable and cozy spot to hang out, study and even host friends. Besides the basics like bedding, hangers and desk supplies, try giving your new college student something they'll use regularly, like a set of speakers compatible with their iPhone, twinkle lights to add a homey feel to their headboard or window frame or picture frames that will add a personal touch to the space. Adding bits and pieces that make the space personalizes will help make college feel like home that much quicker, and they're sure to appreciate it! 

Kitchen Basics

Though the campus undoubtedly has several dining halls where your student can grab a meal, sometimes it's easier to make a quick snack or meal in your dorm room if you're running between classes or cramming for an exam. And though most freshman dorms have bare-bones kitchen equipment—most likely just a microwave and mini fridge—there are still many meals and snacks that you can create even with these limited resources. Try a microwavable egg cooker, a small panini press or blender and a small coffee pot to keep them full even if the dining hall isn't a convenient option.

School Supplies & Organizational Tools

As a freshman, it's easy to forget that college isn't just about socializing—at the end of the day, you're really there to learn and get a well-rounded education. Help your student succeed in their classes with school staples, like a new laptop cover, classic notebooks or organizational tools like a whiteboard or wall calendar. It will be sure to help them stay on task and ace all of their first semester classes.

Reminders of Home

It's easy to get home sick when you've moved away for the first time. Give the gift of a piece of home with something like a state-scented candle, a print or plaque of their home state or city or even something as simple as a framed photograph or sticker that will give the new student a daily reminder of where they came from.