Get Your Girls Pool Perfect with 5 Hot Summer Accessories

May 24, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

I remember the elation I felt as a young girl with the start of summer: the school year ended, the hot weather began and the swim season kicked off. The excitement was contagious; my mom always caught the seasonal bug. To help her girls start the season in style (and protect me and my sisters from the sun), we always took a special trip to the mall for some cute, new summer accessories. And what better place to shop for the latest trends than Claire’s?

The fashion has certainly evolved over the years, but the great deals at Claire’s remain. The shelves are stocked with the hottest accessories for girls from jewelry to apparel. Here are some suggestions for 4 low-cost summer accessories that you can get at great discounts with Claire’s BYGO sale and our 20% off coupon

1) Sunglasses

Black Cat Sunglasses:


No summer look is complete without a new pair of shades. These black cat sunglasses shield her eyes from the sun with round black frames accented with cat ears, whiskers and a bow.

2) Beach Hat

Beige Straw Hat with Pom Pom Trim:


Whether she’s reading by the pool or playing in the sand, a beach hat adds an extra layer of protection blocking the sun’s rays from her face. This wide-brimmed hat is trimmed with colorful pom poms, adding fun, summer flair. 

3) Hairclips

Pastel Flower with Clear Rhinestone Center Hair Clips: 


Keeping hair out of her face this summer doesn’t have to end with a simple elastic band. Hold locks back with a cute, floral touch. This set of six pastel hair clips in white, pink and yellow bring an island vibe to her summer style.

4) Beach Ball

Light Up Beach Ball:


Summer toys don’t have to be fancy or expensive. Keep her and her friends moving in and out of the water with the simplicity of a beach ball. At the push of a button, this light up ball extends the fun from day to night.

From stylish shades to inflatable pool toys and floats, getting your girls pool perfect doesn’t have to be expensive. Claire’s offers endless options for girls at any age or style. Happy shopping and don’t forget to enter our promo code to save 20% off at check out.