Get Sun This Winter At These Beachy Destinations

Get Sun This Winter At These Beachy Destinations

Chichi Ogwe

Chichi OgweDec 09, 20173 min read

Tis’ the season for the chill and snow, but if you’re not in the mood and you are seriously craving some sun, then check out these beachy winter destinations to satisfy you.

Go off on a relaxing retreat and get some serious sun this winter at these beachy winter destinations.


Many people visit Malta during the summer months, but it’s also great to visit in the winter. There is good weather all year round and it’s pretty affordable so you can get a good deal on flights and accommodation. You can stroll along the beaches - such as Golden Bay or Mellieha Bay - dine on Mediterranean cuisine, explore the beautiful streets and visit free attractions such as the City Gate, Upper Barracca Gardens, and Mdina.



Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago. It has a very warm climate and it’s a popular destination for those who love nature, outdoor activities - such as hiking, sailing, and surfing -  chilling out at the beach - which is less crowded at this time of year. Plus, you can indulge in the local cuisine - which you’ll love if you love fish - and Madeira wine - if you drink alcohol.


To be honest, the entire Caribbean should be on your winter sun travel bucket list because it’s one of the best places to visit if you need some winter sun. Barbados in particular - a top attraction for many travelers all year round - is well-renowned for its golden sandy beaches and warm weather. Relax in a stunning villa, take a stroll along a beach and immerse yourself in the country’s exotic nature. Also, take a trip to Barbados’ most famous attractions: St Nicholas Abbey, Atlantis Submarines, Hunte’s Gardens, Harrison’s Cave and Arlington House Museum.


The weather is cooler in Mauritius around this time of year but it has a warm climate overall and it’s a popular destination for tourists. This tropical island is a place where you can relax in affordable luxury and you can engage in watersports, spa treatments, golfing, nature walks, horse riding, and quad biking. Visit Port Louis, Grand Baie, Casela World of Adventures and La Vanille Nature Park.


If you want a vacation but you don’t want to leave the country, then make Florida your next trip. In terms of the climate, the best time to visit Florida is between January and April, where the weather is hot but not too hot or humid. There are a lot of things to see, visit and do in Florida so it all depends on your preferences, but in general, you should enjoy relaxing on the beach, explore theme parks, engage in watersports, visit national parks and take a trip to the numerous museums on offer. Plus, if you’re interested, go on a shopping spree, visit entertainment venues, watch live sports and go clubbing in Miami’s famous nightlife!


Marrakech is a stunning and vibrant city in Morocco with a lot to offer. With a mix of culture, food, architecture, and shopping, you can be sure to fall in love with the destination. As well as warm weather, you can enjoy the as the buzzing souk markets, the new YSL Museum, the delicious and colorful cuisine and the city’s rich and ancient heritage sites.

Don’t forget: you can be sure to find some pretty cool (no pun intended) deals and discounts at this time of year because many airlines, vacation and holiday companies will have sales and offers available, so get booking!