Get Inspired with Interweave

Get Inspired with Interweave

Katherine Stano

Katherine StanoJul 25, 20173 min read

Some of us have the crafting gene, an inherent talent to imagine and make pretty things. If you’re one of these inventive types, you know what a joy it is to find just the right materials for your future masterpiece. You probably even have bookmarked, because you already know what awesomeness is available each time you visit. Though, if you’re new to this fantastic time-saving and cost-conscious company, you’ll be thrilled by the array of choices. From knitting to needle arts to designing jewelry, offers a DIYer’s dream selection of patterns and tools. Need a new project to strike your fancy? There are plenty of creative ideas to initiate your next crafty endeavor. Currently, Interweave is celebrating Christmas in July, so grab a cup of cheer and check it out!

For all You Merry Makers

‘Tis the season to score some big savings, so put Interweave on your nice list for major Christmas in July deals. Why not get a good start on holiday gifts and stock up on winterwear kits? Interweave has some gorgeous patterns and supplies for scarves, hats, mittens, sweaters, and socks—you name it. Plus, so many of these cozy and chic designs are on fabulous clearance. Imagine knitting this beautiful Perimetra Shawl for a dear friend and seeing the smile on her face as she wears it with the pride. But watch out—soon she’ll be coming to you for all her fashionista needs.

Or, if you’re looking to wow one of the guys in your life, try this Conway Hat and Scarf project. Suitable for a man or woman, this versatile pattern is a winner for anyone who equally loves style and comfort. Interweave makes it accessible to outfit your friends and family with something totally unique and made with love.

Let’s not forget the snuggly fur kids in our lives. Interweave’s got you covered with the most adorable dog sweaters for the most adorable pooches. Show those sweeties how much they mean with hugs, kisses, and your boss knitting skills.

Twinkle All The Way

Jewelry isn’t just fun to wear—it’s fun to make! Go for the gold (or silver) and put a little extra sparkle in your crafting time. is a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind ideas for jewelry creators. With pieces that make perfect presents, you can discover a work of art for someone special.

If you want an artsy challenge, enjoy this Ivy Pendant project. Interweave gives instructions on what tools and materials you’ll need. All you have to do is download the pattern—and get to work!

But what if you’re just beginning to learn a new skill and most jewelry seems impossible to create? Interweave has something for every level of craftsman and craftswoman. From beginner to experienced, click the box that most fits your talent set and get a-craftin’!

The Doodles Cuff is a fine example of jewelry-making for novices. So elegant and eclectic, people will want to know more about your art.

Sew! Sew! Sew!

If sewing is more your thing, then Interweave is tailored for you. Seamstresses, cross stitchers, quilters, and crochet mavens alike will be tickled pink seeing the options for a darling dress, artistic embroidery, or an oversized bedspread.

Seriously, how cute is this playful Dancing Squares Quilt?

Or this lovely holiday Jacobean Dove Stocking?

If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve found it at Interweave. There are literally hundreds of ideas to keep you crafty—and such reasonable prices that are definitely worth the visit. Additionally, they’ve got an abundance of resources from books to DVDs to tips from featured artists. Do something satisfying for your spirit and find your newest favorite project at Jolly crafting to you!