Pay Nothing and Get Free Magazines for Life

Pay Nothing and Get Free Magazines for Life

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamAug 05, 20144 min read

In a world where digital media and content reign, it’s at least comforting to know we can access and send information out more easily. No matter where you are or where you might be going, there’s some form of technology that can aid you in your travels. From a time where our grandparents might have had to strike up a conversation with a stranger or bring a book to ease the time away, we’ve evolved into a more digital generation. It’s with realizations like these that the idea of the library is slowly fading away into history, and book lovers are seeking new ways to get people back into reading. Pinpointing the devices that we use every day, companies like Zinio are bringing the access of literature into the palm of our hands.

What is Zinio?

Zinio is an innovative and convenient way for you to read articles and magazines. Using apps that are provided, you can get access to hundreds of readable content on your Android, Apple, and Kindle devices. You can get access to free digital content by searching your local library and seeing if they offer Zinio access. If they do it’s as easy as going through the registration process and following the procedure that the library instructs. Once accessed, those magazines offered are completely free to you.

What Makes Zinio Free?

Public libraries are looking for a way to get kids and adults interested in reading again. A library membership is always free and it gives those who might not have access to books, magazines, and videos a place to go. With the world becoming ever more technological, libraries are seeking to get content more available. Zinio for instance is a great platform since everyone has some form of a smart device. Users can find the latest magazines and articles on the things they like from cars to fitness. If families can see that reading is fun they might be more inclined to go to an actual library and check out a physical book.

What Kind of Magazines Can You Find on Zinio?

The amount of magazines offered vary depending on what your library has registered with. The Phoenix Public Library for instance offers over 200 titles from the thousands that Zinio provides. That’s still a huge amount that you get access for free and you may have more titles depending on how big your library is. Most libraries will have trend magazines such as GQ, technology magazines like Popular Science, or fashion titles like Vogue. Be sure to go to your local library and check out the magazines that they have there. You’ll get a better idea of what popular titles you can get access to.

Other Ways to Get Free Magazines:

Next Issue takes the format of how companies like Netflix operate and gives you access to hundreds of magazines at a flat monthly rate. Starting at an amazing $9.99 a month, you can get to reading all your favorite magazine titles like Dwell, Fitness, Glamour, PC World, Wired, and over 130 other titles. The part that makes this free though is that you can try it out for 30 days and see if you like it or not. If after the 30 days you decide that there’s too many magazines and you can’t read them all—you can cancel without any termination fees or regrets.

Mercury Magazine offers free magazines according to your profession. You simply answer a few questions about your employment and then it provides you magazines that you qualify for. Some of the best magazines can be found from exclusive links, but there are also offers that will include free subscriptions. Maxim at one time was offered at the time for free and other subscriptions including US and Elle subscriptions for only a $1.

Recyclebank is a fun and interesting take on how we can use incentives to promote better living and habits. By simply watching videos, reading slideshows, or taking a pledge to do something “green”—you can accumulate points that you can redeem for coupons, gift cards, and magazine subscriptions. Some of the popular subscriptions include Instyle, Martha Stewart Living, Glamour, and Everyday Food. Collecting points can add up quickly depending on how often you go on the page and the assortment of magazines change as well. Think “green” and you’ll be saving some green along the way.

You can find ways to save and get a hold of free magazines as well as book if you go to your local library. Libraries will usually give away old magazines and sometimes books to make way for new ones. Don’t be afraid to ask if you’re ever around one.