Fresh-Faced in the Frigid Cold? It Can Be Done For Less!

Nov 17, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Cold temps and blustery winds can be brutal on our skin. We all want that dewy—not dehydrated—look, but sometimes it’s super difficult when the weather is relentless. Also, who wants to pay $76 for a teensy tube of moisturizer? There are other wallet-friendly options you can try before spending your entire paycheck on lotions and potions.

Jolly Ole ELF

Have you ever tried e.l.f cosmetics? This affordable brand has fun makeups for a whole lot less and can be found in various stores around town. For the harsh winter weather, try their skincare starter kit. It’s priced at under $12 on Amazon. That’s less than lunch at, say, anywhere.

ELF tends to get rave reviews and many of their products win over the top dogs (as in top-price). Check them out, beautiful.

Shop The Body Shop

Hands and feet can be a ghastly mess this time of year. Chapping and cracking and redness—oh my! BUT, they don’t have to be! Oh, no, ladies and gents, they do not! The Body Shop is known for lots of fine products, but their body butter is so rich, creamy, and awesomely scented, your skin will feel like silk. They have a wide variety of options, whether you’re more into the perfume-y or fruity scents.

Plus, they’re always having sales and BOGO deals, so you can try new stuff for a nicer price. AND, they love sending little freebies in your shipments. We love that, too.

Check out these body butters and worry over dry skin no more! Order one for you and one for someone you love.

Andalou For You and You!

Epidermis dilemmas giving you the wintertime blues? Don’t you fret, sweet pea. Andalou Naturals makes some lovely skincare products sure to boost your mood. Though we’re all in agreement showers are very, very good for us, the hot water can be rough on our skin. Andalou Naturals provides a line of shower gels that feel luxurious and smell great. The Mandarin Vanilla scent is our favorite. As we brave the cold winter months, just a whiff of this gel will take you off to summer for a little escape.

Yes to Cucumbers! Yes to Soft Skin!

Here’s to all of you who wash your hands—with soap! It’s cold and flu season and even if it weren’t, germy, grimy hands are a no-no. Hand soap can be one of the worst culprits for drying out your skin. That’s why it’s a dream come true to find one that cleanses and moisturizes. Yes to Cucumbers is a cool brand that makes soaps people really like. They have multiple scents and the packaging is quite delightful. Give yourself the gift of smooth, squeaky-clean hands!

It’s that time of year to appreciate the ones we love, cherish what we’ve got, and feel comfy in our own skin. There’s so much to accomplish that vexing over moisturizers shouldn’t be on anyone’s to-do’s. That’s why we made this list for you. Hope you find some new products that strike your fancy, and keep your gorgeous skin calm and bright.