Fourth of July Sales 2014

Fourth of July Sales 2014

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamJun 29, 20145 min read

Three-day weekends always provide special opportunities to score big on great deals. Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, but shoppers can now look forward to the next big three-day extravaganza Fourth of July weekend. For those looking to find the best Fourth of July sales 2014, we have put together a list of items you should buy and avoid during this celebrated holiday.

Fourth of July Sales 2014

Spruce up your home with new furniture.

Due to the fact that many manufacturers begin to release new furniture models in August, older pieces go on sale in July. In order to make room for the new sets, furniture stores will hold clearance sales. This is the perfect time to purchase a brand new sofa, couch set or recliner for a great price. Expect Sears to provide great deals during the Fourth of July weekend and find some great furniture with their help. Also, considering the three-day weekend is early in the month, expect prices to continuously decrease throughout the weeks. If shoppers are not able to find new furniture early in the month, it’s still possible to find a fitting set a bit later for a low price.

Although there will be a variety of furniture on sale during Fourth of July weekend, there are two types you can easily hold off on: mattresses and office furniture. For those who are able to withstand their current mattress for another year, they will be able to reward themselves with a cheaper, more comfortable mattress in May. New mattresses are released constantly throughout the year but May has proven to show more significant drops in prices allowing customers to find that perfect mattress. When upgrading the office, take advantage of deals that occur before the start of summer. Office furniture tends to drop in price after tax day and continuously decreases throughout June so start your deal hunting for that in mid-April.

Add some décor to your home.

Wedding season peaks in summer. Fortunately for shoppers, July sits right in the middle of wedding season, which equates to big savings. Retailers understand wedding goers need gifts for the bride and groom. Thus, prices will lower on items such as table linens, dinnerware and other decorative items. Crate & Barrel can help you find fantastic home décor items at great prices during its summer sales. Home décor items are not reserved only for wedding goers though. Consumers should take advantage of these deals and add more style to their own home, whether it be in the kitchen, living room or bathroom.

Even though there will plenty of home décor items to peruse through, the one selection shoppers should stay away from is bedding. There will be good sales on beddings during Fourth of July weekend but only make a purchase if any current pieces need to be replaced. Items such as bed skirts, duvets, bed sheets and pillow cases should be purchased in September. Labor Day weekend provides the best deals and savings on items related to bedding. It’s beneficial to wait a few extra months to take advantage of some fantastic deals.

Spoil dad with a few post Father’s Day gifts.

Father’s Day has come and gone but that doesn’t mean dad shouldn’t still be spoiled. Most fathers are pretty handy and love to use their own tools to take down any task at hand. If dad’s tools are looking a bit out dated or wearing out, why not supply his workbench with some brand new tools. July happens to be one of the best months of the year for top-shelf tool deals. If dad doesn’t have a workbench or storage unit for his tools, why not supply him with a brand new one. Many accessories and storage units may be purchased at a reasonable price during July. Home Depot will provide the most support when finding an affordable, powerful and sturdy tool set for dad during Fourth of July weekend. 

By the time July rolls around, summer is in full swing and dad has had the chance to grill a few burgers and hot dogs while the family relaxes by the pool. After continuous use of the grill, many dads may think that Fourth of July weekend will be the perfect time to purchase a brand new one for the rest of the summer. Even though this three-day weekend does seem like a great time to pick up a new grill, it’s best to hold off until the summer is over to make a purchase. Once fall comes around, retailers will begin clearance sales on currents grills, thus allowing customers to score big on a quality grill. Fall may not be the most customary season to grill but the financial payout for waiting will be extremely beneficial.

Tablets are in, desktop computers not so much.

Electronics are always a huge get during any three-day weekend savings opportunity. Knowing which electronics to purchase though is the key to scoring deals on top of the line products. During July, tablets are the product of choice to score deals on. The latest models of popular tablet brands such as Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and Lenovo are set to release this June. These new releases will cause a decrease in price for older tablet models. In turn, shoppers can easily search for a deal to capitalize on. During Fourth of July weekend, head to Best Buy to find greater discounts on top name tablets.

For those who wish to find a desktop computer during the three-day weekend, it would be best to hold off for a few extra months. July does provide the opportunity to purchase a desktop computer at an affordable price. However, waiting until late August and September for back to school deals and Labor Day weekend deals may prove to be more beneficial in the savings department.