Find The Perfect Present For Your Pup With Petco This Holiday Season

Find The Perfect Present For Your Pup With Petco This Holiday Season

Alexandra Sakellariou

Alexandra SakellariouNov 15, 20174 min read

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start shopping for everyone on your gift list.

It’s easy to forget about certain people when you’re buying gifts for the whole family- including your dog! Let Petco help you easily find the perfect present for your pooch so you can scratch one thing off your holiday to-do list.

For The Dog With An Appetite

Grammy’s Pot Pie Dog Treats

Though your pup might not be able to participate in turkey dinner, get him or her a treat that still allows them to get in on the fun. These over-baked biscuits are supposed to taste like a real pot pie- how yummy does that sound?

Merrick’s uses the best ingredients to make their quality dog treats, including high-quality protein and fresh fruits and veggies. The treats are also grain free and gluten free, which is perfect for any canine with diet restrictions or allergies. With an affordable price tag, you dog can still participate in the holiday feast without upsetting their stomach.

For The Fashionable Dog

A Pack of 2 Bow Ties

The whole family is getting dressed up for the holidays, so why not your pooch? This pack of adorable bow ties will make your dog the most dapper person at the family gathering. The bowties come in festive colours and equally attractive patterns. The adjustable band promises to fit most dogs’ neck sizes, and is also more comfortable than most dog accessories on the market. What a cute gift idea!

For The Lazy Dog

Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Your dog needs a place to sleep, too! If you want to get your pooch off the furniture (or your lap), the buy them a cozy bed this holiday season. This Orthopaedic bed in a gold finish is both stylish and cozy. The gold polka dot print and beige inner layer allows it to match pretty much any home décor, so you won’t have to sacrifice the style of your home.

But even more, the cushiony bed is also meant to provide superior support and will relieve stress on pressure point. The plush materials offer both comfort and support, while the structured frame means your dog won’t ruin it right away, not matter how feisty they may be. This bed looks so comfy, you might wish they made adult sizes, too!

For The Outdoor Dog

Vintage Plaid Jacket

If your dog loves spending time in the outdoors, then this is the perfect gift for them! It gets cooler in the winter months, which means your pup is probably spending less time outside. To help your dog remain active and health, consider investing in a cute jacket to keep them warm while they play outdoors.

The plaid patterns keeps this jacket chic and fashionable- perfect for either a girl or boy pooch. The ultra-soft padding works to keep your dog both comfy and warm, which means they won’t be trying to take the jacket off as soon as your put it on. The toggle and faux suede detailing make this jacket all the more adorable. Plus, if you also have a plaid coat, then you and your pooch and be matching!


For The Dog That’s Part Of The Family

A Personalized Stocking

This is the ultimate way to include your pup in the festive fun! Everyone else has their own stocking to wake up to on Christmas morning, so make sure your pooch has one, too. Petco offers personalized stockings; you can get your dogs’ name printed on it, so you’ll never confuse it with anyone else’s stocking.

Fill the stocking with some cute surprises, like dog treats, a small toy, or even a collar that you can gift to them when everyone is opening their own presents. You can reuse this stocking each year so including your dog becomes a holiday tradition.

Shopping for holiday presents can get pricey, especially if you’re dog is included on the list. Promocodes currently has several promotions to offer with Petco, so shopping for your pooch (or other furry friend) has never been so affordable. Get 10-20% off using code rdfreeship and you can get free shipping! You can also get free shipping on any order of $29 or more. With these great ways to save, there’s no excuse for you not to spoil your pup this holiday season. What will you be gifting your four-legged friend with this Christmas?