Find The Perfect Halloween Costume For Your Pup With Petco

Find The Perfect Halloween Costume For Your Pup With Petco

Alexandra Sakellariou

Alexandra SakellariouOct 11, 20173 min read

October is here, which means it’s officially time to start thinking about your Halloween costume! But while you’re busy preparing your perfect look, it’s easy to forget about a costume for the furriest member of your family- your dog! With Petco, it’s easy to find adorable and affordable Halloween costumes for your pooch so they can join in on the festive fun. Here are our favourite dog-friendly costumes:

For The Dog That Loves Food: The Dog Taco

How cute is this? Petco’s Taco Pet Costume will transform your canine into a taco that looks almost good enough to eat! The outfit comes complete with all of the garnishings, including cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. This is the perfect dog costume for any owners who can’t get enough Mexican food!

For The Fearless Dog: A Scary Spider

If you want your dog to rock a spooky costume come Halloween, opt for this cute-yet-scary Spider Costume that will give you the creepy crawlies. This outfit will make your pooch look like they have eight legs, which might scare you if you’re not a fan of spiders!

For The Bad Dog: Prisoner Costume

Has your pup been a bit naughty lately? Make light of the situation by dressing him or her up in a Prisoner Dog Costume. This adorable costume comes with a jumpsuit, hat, and a sign to let everyone know that your pooch is serving their time!

For The Dog With A Sense Of Humour: The Chick Magnet

They say that dogs are great for picking up girls, so test that theory out on Halloween! Dress your dog up in a literal Chick Magnet Costume and see how many girls flock to him or her. This adorable costume even features tiny chicks to make it all the more pun-y.

For The Spoiled Dog: The King Canine

Does your dog act like king of the household? Then get him a costume that embraces his royal status! This adorable King Dog Costume will transform your pooch into noble blood. The photo-worthy outfit comes with a velvet shirt, cape, and crown so your pup will be trick-or-treating in style!

For The Girly Dog: A Butterfly Costume

If your dog is just as much of a princess as you are, then dress them up in an adorable Butterfly Costume. They’ll look ready to take flight in this cute costume, which comes with a tutu, headband, and butterfly wings. This would make any Pet Parent squeal “awe!”

For The Senior Citizen Dog: A Grandma

If your pooch is getting on in age, get them a costume that helps them embrace it! This Dog Grandma Costume is both adorable and hilarious. It comes with a tiny pink robe and a blonde curly wig with curlers to complete the look. This costume is genius! 

For The Classic Dog: A Pumpkin Costume

If you want to go the traditional route with your dog’s costume, opt for a picture perfect Pumpkin Costume! This is classic costume for both humans and their furry companions. Plus, this is definitely an Instagram worthy costume that you’ll want to share about with all of your followers.

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Now there’s no excuse not get your furry friend in on the spooky festivities! What will you dress your dog up as this Halloween?