Father’s Day: What’s Always Perfect for Dads?

Father’s Day: What’s Always Perfect for Dads?

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerJun 08, 20173 min read

Wait for it… watches! My motto: when in doubt, buy a watch for your father. For the naysayers out there who hesitate to buy a timepiece for a parent, you should really check out Ashford.com. Their designer collection is expansive; the watches encompass classic, eclectic, and sporty styles; and stopping by the clearance section will save you so. much. green.

Here’s what I recommend checking out for Father’s Day:


This watch brand is an established one, started in 1791 and delivering the classiest pieces you could dream up. Better yet, it’s a label that your father is less likely to already have in his collection, and even if he does… he will definitely welcome another. 

My favorites include:

  • A Croc-Strapped Chronograph Watch, which can be a Father’s Day, birthday, and holiday gift combined, given the price. It’s bound to make a big impact.


  • Chrono Hawk Watch: Bright colors make this watch stand out amongst more sedate pieces.


  • Chrono Hawk Hollywood: This one caught my eye: the rose gold and watch play off each other for a striking effect.


Baume & Mercier

This is a must-get for dad when it comes to watches, and you should stick to the basics, like the Classima, for example, which are easy to find over at Ashford.com. They’re a splashy price, yes, but not prohibitively so. Don’t forget that you can pool with your siblings to get something your dad will never forget.


Hamilton is perhaps more understated than Girard-Perregaux, but that’s not necessarily a negative. After all, you know your dad’s style better than anyone, so don’t balk because this is a classic brand. Sometimes, that’s the look that works best, especially if your dad will wear the same watch daily. My faves from Hamilton include:

  • Jazzmaster Seaview: I think those oversized numbers are so neat -- eye-catching and bold, so there’s no way that this watch won’t get attention. And the price? It’s on the more affordable side in comparison to a lot of other statement timepieces.


  • Jazzmaster Regulator: Here’s one that won’t show its age at all. The Regulator, in smooth stainless steel, is a watch that certainly isn’t standard. Exceptionally designed and a smart pick for the watch aficionado, I think you’ll like this pick.


Bell & Ross

A Bella & Ross watch is one of those standout gifts, one that your dad will never forget. Isn’t that the whole point behind a “statement watch,” anyway? Bell & Ross marries bold shapes and similarly bold faces for a unique look. My favorite was the numberless Flight Instruments watch.

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