Father's Day Gift Guide: Perfect Gifts for Every Kind of Dad

Jun 06, 2018Reading Time: 6 min

Father's Day is coming soon and time is running out to find the perfect gift for dad. Fortunately there are a ton of great gifts that are available for every type of father figure, and we’ve assembled them all into one helpful list. Below you’ll find the perfect gift for Dad, whether he’s geeky, sporty, fancy, or outdoorsy!

cufflinks and tie

1. Dapper Dads

If your dad prefers formal attire (or if he's constantly running to business meetings) a pair of cufflinks can offer a welcome change to his wardrobe. Whether they're inspired by his favorite movies or engraved with your initials, cufflinks are sure to add a much-needed personal touch to his outfit. Plus, the men's accessories marketplace is now offering 15% off all orders. To unlock this amazing deal, simply follow this link and enter the promo code at checkout to take advantage of some smart savings.

If your dapper dad is looking for something a little less formal, we highly recommend watches. Not only are watches the perfect compliment to an outfit, they can also seamlessly upgrade your looks when attending a business event, conference, or formal dinner. Ashford offers a surplus of watches and timepieces that can all make the perfect gift this Father's Day. For a limited time, readers can follow this link and unlock a 15% off promo code on all orders.

graphic tees and shirts

2. Cool & Comfy

You can make it easy for your dad to dress in comfort and style by picking him up some soft, durable, and eye-catching graphic tees! Graphic tees are available in all sizes, colors, and styles so you will definitely be able to find a shirt that perfectly suits your dad. Not to mention, you can easily find a shirt that mentions his favorite movies and shows, including Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, and more!

You can even get in on some sweet sales when it comes to graphic tees by shopping with Life is Good, which is offering a short-sleeve tee and hat for only $35! You can check out their complete collection of Father's Day goodies here. But if that isn't enough, you can also pop over to Free Fly Apparel for some camping-inspired looks. Free Fly Apparel carries everything from graphic tees to comfy polo shirts, all of which are made out of lightweight material and are perfect for the beach. After you have some comfy shirts picked out, head to Ozone Socks to complete the outfit with a snazzy new pair of socks. Whether he wants socks that are reliable, novelty, or simply comfortable - Ozone Socks has a pair for every kind of individual and occasion.

Cooking on Grill

3. The Home Chef

So many Dads love BBQ-ing, yet find it difficult to protect their treasured grill against dirt, dust, and other debris. Lucky for you, a custom grill cover delivers a terrific combination of quality and style. Also, with the special Father's Day sale from Covers & All, you can save 25% on a custom grill cover for dad. To do so, just follow this link and enter the promo code at checkout when shopping for your favorite home chef.

Father Daughter on beach

4. Outdoorsy & On Fleek

For the dad who wants to look hip - or simply wants to project his eyes against harmful UV rays - sunglasses are an ideal gift. Sunglasses come in a huge variety of sizes and styles, and for dads with particularly high standards, you can even pick out custom shades. Perhaps best of all, for those who are looking for sunglasses that won't cost a fortune, Knockaround offers dozens of premium shades at affordable prices. You can even snag an extra discount with this 20% off promo code! These glasses are expertly crafted and boast a look that is as unique as your dad.

foodie father

5. The Foodie Father

If you're looking for personal gift, you can toast to your dad this year by picking up a bottle of wine and cooking his favorite meal. If you're unsure about which vintage your dad will like, don't worry because Gold Medal Wine Club has you covered. With a team of wine aficionados and over 25 years of experience, you're sure to find the perfect wine for your pops. While you're at it, you can sign him up for the Wine of the Month Club to ensure that he never runs out of his favorite vintage.

If a glass of wine just isn't enough for your foodie Father, why not offer to cook him dinner for the week? With the help of Plated, you can make all of his favorite dishes without spending a fortune. Not to mention, these subscription food services will save you the time and money of going to your local grocery store. Instead, you can stay at home and wait for all of the ingredients, pre-measured and hand-packaged, to be delivered right to your door.

Golf at sunset

6. The Sports Fan

If your dad is a die-hard sports fan, then you have to tie this passion into his Father's Day gift. You can look into grabbing some tickets to see his favorite teams play in-person or, even better, you can accompany him and spend the day watching the game. If sports tickets aren't in your budget, there are more affordable ways to capture his hobbies on Father's Day.

Instead of buying tickets to a game, you can always give him some new sports equipment and gear. One trusted supplier, Taylor Made Golf, is currently having a special Father's Day sale which offers a variety of freebies and discounts on Golfing equipment. However, if you're really hunting for a bargain, you can visit Peter Millar and check out their Father's Day sale, which includes performance apparel and accessories! Be sure to use the exclusive code PCFATHERSDAY18 for free shipping on your entire order!

Ancestry globe

7. The Family Man

If you're shopping for a true family man, you should consider getting a gift that is highly sentimental. Instead of the usual trinkets and knickknacks, you should look into something that will bring you all closer together as a family. I'm talking about ancestry reports!

Ancestry reports will give you more insight to where your family came from, the lives of past family members, origin reports, and an extensive family tree. With HomeDNA, you can pinpoint your ancestry down to the exact city that your relatives lived in. In addition, the new GPS Origins option allows you to see how your family members moved from town-to-town throughout their lifetime. Even comprehensive family histories can lose details over the years, but with DNA testing you can find more insight on your deepest roots.