Fall Fashion Finds To Satisfy Your Budget

Fall Fashion Finds To Satisfy Your Budget

Nicole Brown

Nicole BrownOct 03, 20173 min read

Fall, it's the time of year when the air turns crisp but warm days still creep in. It is the time when we can get away with wearing summer sandals and chunky booties. Fall fashion is the perfect  time to bring new life into spring pieces, or switch up your style. Either way, the new fall trends are sure to turn some heads!

Power Colors

One of the boldest and brightest colors has become popular this season! The power color red is complementary on all skin tones and comes in various shades of intensity. Another great thing about red is that it pairs well with many other colors. One great place to find a variety in this color is a high end yet affordable department store like JCPenney. With many different lines by designers, there will be many choices for the perfect red. 

Let’s Meet In The Middle

Mid length skirts and dresses are still in. Try rocking a classic striped black and white calf length dress. This style is aslo flattering on a wide variety of body types.  Pair skirts with a sleeved crop top on warmer days or a cozy sweater on cooler days for maximum style. Forever 21, a fashion forward chain, has a wide variety of dresses for all types of tastes. 

Can You Smell The Roses?

Florals were a huge hit this summer, gracing pants shirts and everything in between! However, the time for florals isnt over yet! Try rocking florsls with other trends such as a Victorian collar or in a glitter print. If you don't want to spend anymore money, use your summer florals and pair them with an oversized cardigan, skirt, or skinnies with a cute bootie. Try looking in Charlotte Russe for some fall florals or even on their clearance racks for somr items that you can be fall inspired!

What's On Your Arm?

Fluted sleeves is another style that has stuck around. In addition to that however, we have the puffy sleeve that will be grabbing attention this fall. These both pair well with skinnies and pencil skirts. If you’re going to try wider leg styles, opt for puffy sleeves for balance. Fluted sleeves also look great when paired with an off the shoulder look as well!  Look in Target for a bevy of options for tops by both common brands and collections by designers.

In The Mix

There are quite a few trends you can embrace this fall. Head to H&M for some unexpected and cutting edge style ideas at affordable prices. Nylon coats, retro hats, leisure suits, and button detailing are a few of the fall fashions that you'll find. Try mixing it up and putting on one or two trends together. Leisure wear can double as both daytime wear and a casual date outfit! Throw on a retro hate with a shirt that has button detailing for an old school meets new vibe.

Check out style mags or online style boards to see how to pair some of your fall fashion finds! With the variety of options, there are styles to suit many personality types and tastes!  With all of the bargains, you can make your fall wardrobe one to be envied!