Fact or Fiction: Getting the Most Out of Coupons when Online Shopping

Fact or Fiction: Getting the Most Out of Coupons when Online Shopping

Heather Gautschi

Heather GautschiAug 30, 20182 min read

The days of manually clipping coupons out of the Sunday paper may be long gone, but the era of shopping with digital coupons is thriving. But, like with anything hinging on a budget, online shopping with coupons requires some strategy. You can arm yourself with our handy guide and it’ll be smooth sailing (and saving while you’re at it!)


You don't need to do any math: FICTION

Don't worry, we're not talking about trig here. But you do need to take a good look at what you'd be spending without that coupon code compared to what you'll spend with it. If you dig deeper into the fine print and discover that you'd actually be spending more with the coupon code due to limits or restrictions, it's likely not worth it. Likewise, if the item isn’t something you’d normally purchase, or if it’s really not in your budget to begin with, no coupon code is going to make the purchase worthwhile.


The biggest percentage discount is always the best: FICTION

Again, take a look at how much you are spending. It may just be that scoring free shipping would actually be a better deal for you than scoring 20% off of your purchase. Do some calculations to determine which is really the better discount. Don’t settle for less than the best deal possible, and your bank account will thank you!

Instore Coupon Codes

Taking advantage of in-store coupons can add up to more savings: FACT

If you’ve stumbled upon a can’t-miss coupon code, be sure to check if there is an in-store option, particularly if there is a location that is easily accessible to you. If so, you’ll enjoy that awesome discount while forgoing any shipping costs.

Gift Cards

Combine your coupon codes with gift cards and save more: FACT

Here’s another one that will require some research, but it’s relatively painless. If you’ve got a great coupon code as well as gift card for the same retailer just burning a hole in your pocket, don’t assume that you can’t double up on the same purchase. Many retailers will allow this practice; just be sure you know the policy before you head to that checkout line.

Online Shop

No one will pay me to shop: FICTION

Yep, you really can get paid to shop online. Check out ShopAtHome and start earning cash back on things that you would buy every day (up to 40% for every dollar you spend). They’ll even hook you up with a $10 bonus when you join. Just shop online like normal, take a few quick surveys, and earn some quick extra cash.