Ethical Beauty Brands That Don’t Cost The Earth

Ethical Beauty Brands That Don’t Cost The Earth

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerAug 01, 20183 min read

Ethical brands are hot, and if they are good for the planet (and for animals, and for people…), then we embrace the trend wholeheartedly and hope it will catch on across the board!

We know that ethical beauty brands can be expensive. To ensure that items are top-quality, sold and packaged responsibly, and aren’t tested on animals, prices are often somewhat higher than you might first expect. But the budget-conscious around here (and we know a lot of them at!) often struggle to support the brands that are better, frankly, for everyone, simply due to price. So what are we supposed to do? Well, that’s why these deals are so good – you can buy quality and still help your wallet out.

There are two types of eco-friendly out there on the market, too: the always-been-eco, and the recently reformed. Both are exciting for different reasons, and we don’t see why you shouldn’t take advantage of a deal on anything that’s helping the environment. We’re here to help with very specific examples that will guide you along the way.

package free shampoo


The sustainability movement has ensured that some brands have cut down on the extra stuff — extra packaging, that is! Actually, 35 percent of LUSH’s products are sold “naked.” That means the company sells these items without any packaging (a true feat in the world of fancy labeling and doodads). To reduce waste, for example, jelly bars have no packaging whatsoever (that’s an obvious way to save the planet, if you ask us!).

There’s also plastic-free packaging, which saves the planet from that scary plastic island that’s floating around the ocean. Brands that use post-consumer plastic (again, LUSH) cut down on their contribution to the horrific landfill nightmare, and many brands also allow you to bring in your used brand packaging in exchange for a reward. BACK TO MAC from MAC Cosmetics and LUSH’s free face mask promo are two options that come to mind.


Fair-trade support

Arganic was founded by Dana Elemara, who left her banking career to explore the world of argan oil. The argan oil, which is amazing for beauty purposes and...wait for it… cooking as well, is sold after production on a fair-trade oil farm in southwest Morocco. The Body Shop is another hot contender in the world of fair trade, and its Honeymania products are gorgeous.

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Vegan products

Are you a vegan or prefer to support vegan companies? The good news is that vegan products are much easier to score these days, and there are a lot of companies joining the ranks. Companies that have gone full-vegan include Kat Von D Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Milk Makeup, and NARS. And cruelty-free is your next best bet, because it protects our furry friends and keeps the movement headed in the right direction. Budget-friendly cruelty-free makeup includes Wet n Wild, e.l.f., and Milani.

Do you have a favorite ethical brand that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?