Epic gifts for the football lover that are cheaper than the Super Bowl

Feb 03, 2019Reading Time: 3 min

Looking for gifts for the football lover or to supplement your Super Bowl? While Super Bowl tickets would be the ideal gift, it may not be the most practical or affordable at the moment. However, there are many great ideas for football lovers that are sure to score a touchdown.


For the collegiate While everything revolves around school, there are still ways to incorporate the love of football into it! Purchasing personalized football binders is a cool way to always have your NFL support on display. To really keep the theme alive and on display, football sheets or NFL themed bedding is an awesome way to showcase the love of a particular team.

For the collector Some sports fans love to collect everything team-related! For this type of fan, a New York Times custom football book might be a great choice. The book contains all type of various team related information throughout the years. Another great idea for a gift could be a subscription box! This box comes filled with all types of memorabilia for your sports lover’s favorite team.

For the organizer Football themed office supplies are a wonderful addition to any home office, especially for sports lovers who like to remain organized. Look for pens, pencils, and even magnetic boards that are shaped like a football field to help your sports buff keep things in line.

For the travel enthusiast A themed travel mug, luggage, or even sports cap can fit for this type of personality. This jet setter can showoff and showcase what he loves no matter where he or she is in the world. If traveling induces a bit of anxiety then a football-shaped stress ball can be a great idea to help calm your world traveler.

For the foodie This type of gift might be the easiest to buy. If you are looking to DIY, you could consider painting Mason Jars to resemble the football, team jerseys, or even just the colors of favorite teams. Finger foods cut into the shape of a football, or that are easy to eat while watching a game are sure to be fan favorites. You can also find pre-cut food such as a football sausage and cheese tray which is also great for entertaining as well. Lastly, another idea is to also grab a few gift cards so that your food lover football fanatic can order food of their choice when the game is on and guests come over!

For the fun-lover While a game of pick-up football might be exceptionally fun, there are a few other games that might be just as interesting. AN NFL electric football game can be great for indoor days or for the highly competitive player. An interesting take on football is the football bean bag toss game. This may be more for those who are just looking to play around and have fun, this game can be great entertainment when getting ready to watch the big game.

Gifting your sports star doesn’t have to be hard with the abundance of NFL and football-themed items. Even those who may not want to spend can find a way to purchase something budget-friendly or recreate some DIY ideas that are sure to win big!