Save The Postage: The E-card Trick You Need to Send the Perfect Message

Save The Postage: The E-card Trick You Need to Send the Perfect Message

Jonna Jerome

Jonna JeromeJun 08, 20183 min read

Did you just realize your brother’s/best friend’s/Mom’s birthday is tomorrow, and you didn’t send a card, let alone a gift? Technology is an amazing thing, but when it comes to being truly thoughtful, does it leave something lacking to fire off an email or text message? Well, here’s some good news!

The time of the e-card has truly arrived. While a handwritten thank you note or card is still lovely to send (especially to those not tech-savvy), for the vast majority of us who carry around a phone, tablet, or laptop constantly, the electronic sentiment is truly timely and appreciated.

Should You Subscribe to An Online Service?

Premium sites do charge a fee for their service, as they hire artists and writers to create quality content. While some chafe at the idea of paying per month, realistically, e-cards are far less expensive than ink and paper, postage, and the worry of hoping it arrives on time. Plus, you have access to a far larger selection and opportunities to create the perfect message. You’ll save substantially on your time trying to even find a brick and mortar store that offers quality cards…let alone one that conveys just what you want it to say. And let’s be honest, it isn’t going to sing a song or have animation either! Save a tree and hit the play button.

Some sites offer additional incentives to sign with them. If you are overwhelmed by the online competition, try visiting Hallmark E-Cards, a legend in the greeting card business. Hallmark has been around for a long time and is as reliable over the internet at making someone feel special as they are when you send their cards through the mail. The beauty of it is that now you can send something just as thoughtful in a matter of minutes!

You can schedule your ecards in advance, and never forget an occasion again! You can link your profile to your address book, so everything is at your fingertips. You have unlimited access to send as many e-cards as you want, and the cards can also be shared via email and Facebook. Another perk? Save 25% streaming Hallmark Hall of Fame movies, and more!

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How do you find, select, and write the perfect e-card?

The process is so specific you can not only choose your occasion or sentiment, you can personalize your card to reflect the tone you want to convey! Incredibly specific categories and follow-up choices make the process easy to navigate.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to
  • Select your Category via Occasion, Holiday, Tone, or other offered choices.
  • Once you choose a card, you can personalize it with suggested features, and by adding your own text. There’s even an option that makes them appear hand-written!
  • You will be asked to set up an account up once you finish designing your card.
  • Enter the recipient’s information and hit send!

You are assisted at every click with suggestions. You won’t ever feel at a loss for words again! Plus you can save on a subscription by using the latest Hallmark eCard coupon code so you never stress about forgetting a birthday again.

Best of all, when you realize that birthday is (gulp) today - you’re never too late.