Easy DIY Halloween Treats Everyone Will Love

Oct 26, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Calling all trick or treaters: Halloween is fast approaching, and we've got you covered for fun, festive, and super easy treats to please all your favorite ghouls and goblins.

Hot Dog Mummies

If your crowd loves hot dogs, this one is for you. You'll need just about ten minutes to prepare these adorable spooky hot dogs, and the kids will love helping with the prep. Win! Grab yourself a can of biscuit dough (Pillsbury makes a great variety) and slice with a pizza cutter. Wrap around your hot dogs and bake 14 minutes at 375. Once you pull out these mummified treats from the oven, give them eyes of ketchup or mustard. So easy, and always a crowd pleaser.

Easy Cheesy Pretzel Broomsticks

Here's another easy, budget and kid friendly treat that only requires a few ingredients and minimal prep. You'll need string cheese, pretzel sticks, and some chive. Cut your string cheese into thirds, and then separate out into strands until it looks like the end of a broomstick. Take your pretzel stick and poke it into the end of the string cheese and you've got your broom handle. Next, cut a nice skinny slice of chive to wrap around the broom strands. Voila! You've got adorable witches brooms. Bonus that these are a low sugar option, and the little ones will gobble them up.

Ghostly Cupcakes

These creepy cupcakes are sure to be a hit with all ages. Make your chocolate cupcakes from scratch, or go for ready made and decorate yourself. You'll need vanilla frosting, and chocolate M & M's for the eyes and mouth. Have fun and explore other varieties, from monsters, to tombstones, and everything in between.

Decorate Your Own Halloween Sugar Cookies

The little ones will love to decorate and eat these spooky cookies. Whip up your favorite sugar cookie recipe (or go for the pre-made at the store), and gather all the fixings for a ghoulishly good time. You'll need vanilla frosting, a variety of food coloring, sprinkles, M & M's, and any other sweet toppers you'd like. Go for some adorable Halloween cookie cutters at your local craft shop or Michael's, and you've got the makings for a crowd pleasing treat that won't break the bank.

Bootastic Halloween Punch

Have some fun brewing up your favorite variety of crowd pleasing Halloween punch. Go for Halloween themed colors to make it more festive.  Into your favorite punch bowl, combine a gallon of orange sherbet with a quart of chilled pineapple juice, then add a liter of your choice of lemon-lime soda. To top it off, add some delightfully gooey gummy worms.  Feel free to mix up flavors of sherbet, soda and creepy crawly gummy treats for a fun, festive effect. Super easy to prepare, and easy on the wallet, too.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!